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What’s New in Tosca 8.4: API Testing

DevOps is not a buzzword: it will fundamentally change your business. Instead of releasing one or two versions per year, you will release continuously each time you implement a new feature or fix a bug. Companies like Google use this approach (Chrome is constantly updating itself) – even Microsoft is planning to use this approach for their upcoming Windows 10.

What does this mean for you as a tester? The available time for software testing decreases dramatically. Instead of having weeks for stabilizing and ensuring the quality of a solution, you have to complete your tests within hours to make the right go/no-go decision. Actually we believe DevOps should be called Dev-test-Ops instead.

No manual test could be included in this short time frame; every single test needs to be automated. In addition, you need to take the fast lane. Speed is an issue, so you need to have the right strategy to get most out of available time. You therefore will use the fastest available test access to your system under test: Non UI or API tests.

With Tosca you can easily access those APIs, not only via SOAP and/or RESTFul Web Services, but now also via JMS/ActiveMQ.

JMS (Java Messaging Services) is a standard protocol used to send and receive data to and from an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB). An ESB is used by applications to communicate with each other in a Service Oriented Architecture environment.

Apache ActiveMQ is a popular open source implementation of an Enterprise Service Bus. By supporting JMS/ActiveMQ, we allow you speed up your tests by directly accessing the ESB rather than spending time on a user interface.

Tosca supports messages using structured data formats like XML and JSON as well as any plain text messages.

Tricentis has recognized that importance of API testing and we working on supporting not only Apache ActiveMQ but also commercial implementations like e.g. TIBCO EMS and IBM Websphere, to name just a few.

So keep in touch with us to learn more about API testing with Tosca!

Download the Factsheet on Automating API Testing here!