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What’s New in Tosca 8.4: Mobile+

Every web traffic analysis shows that it is more likely for a mobile browser to access a web site than a desktop browser. From my personal experience, I know that most of my time spent on a tablet is to look up something on the web. That is only natural – it’s always on and I can take it with me where ever I need it.

Therefore it is all the more important to guarantee that your web application will work on mobile devices. The new Mobile+ version 8.4 allows you to easily create and run test cases for web apps on mobile devices.

You should keep in mind that there are two possibilities for mobile web apps:

  • The same desktop web page is used on all kinds of devices, saving valuable development time. However due to the reduced screen size, especially on smart phone, it is not easy to read and to use. If it becomes too cumbersome you will lose your (mobile) consumer in the long run. I know that personally I don’t want to zoom into a web site on my smart phone to be able to interact with it.

If your web app is built that way you can use Tosca to easily run the same test cases you have built for desktop browser on your mobile devices. This saves a lot of valuable time.

  • Your web application is responsive: the same content is displayed differently depending on parameters like different screen sizes. Modern web framework allows you to easily support small smartphone screens and large desktops out of the box – the functionality is the same.

Sometimes you don’t see a difference between a native and mobile app.

Test automation now faces the problem that even if the functionality is the same the representation may differ quite dramatically. Information which fits on normal HD desktop monitor may be split on various mobile screens.

Tosca’s Test Case Design allows you to separate logical test cases defining the business logic from the usage for test execution. This way you define your test cases only once and use them for different clients.

Together with test case conditions (available since Tosca 8.3.0) you can define easily create a single automated test case.

Stay tuned on Mobile+, more will come in the future!

Download the Factsheet on Mobile+ here!