What’s New in Tosca Testsuite 8.4.1: New Scan & Responsive Design Tests

Editor’s Note: The Tricentis team is excited to present our new 8.4 Release: Tosca Testsuite 8.4 Service Pack 1! For this release, we’ve enhanced many of the new features from Tosca Testsuite 8.4, but have also included some additional features that make the test automation process more streamlined and intuitive for all users. For more information, check out the ‘What’s New’ section on our website.

In the meantime however, here is the inside scoop from the experts and product managers behind the features themselves.

New Scan

For those of you who have been using Tosca Testsuite for the past year, you are most likely well acquainted (and in love) with our X-Scan.  The X-Scan helps users to scan applications effortlessly and quickly and offers new features like the modern user experience. The performance of the X-Scan has been a Tosca Testsuite milestone since it was released.

With this release of Tosca Testsuite 8.4.1, we’ve enabled the scanning of Mobile applications, making it easier to detect and build up test cases. The new revamped X-Scan is now available for Mobile+:

Now you can see all your devices in your network and simply start the scan with a double click.

It will really help you in creating test cases much faster than before.

Responsive Design Tests

Responsive web design is crucial for modern web sites. Crafting web sites to provide an optional viewing and interaction experience across a wide range of devices, from huge desktop monitor to smartphone, is one key to success for your web presence.

Testing responsive design is now very easy with Tosca – just parameterize your execution and you will the see the screen flow of your web site:

This enables you to spot bad design elements like a two line navigation bar:

…before your user does.

We hope you have as much fun using these features as much as we did building them! Read all about the new features on our What’s New page.