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What’s New in Tosca Testsuite 8.4.1: Testing End User Experience with Neotys

Editor’s Note: The Tricentis team is excited to present our new 8.4 Release: Tosca Testsuite 8.4 Service Pack 1! For this release, we’ve enhanced many of the new features from Tosca Testsuite 8.4, but have also included some additional features that make the test automation process more streamlined and intuitive for all users. For more information, check out the ‘What’s New’ section on our website.

In the meantime however, here is the inside scoop from the experts and product managers behind the features themselves.

End User Experience During Load and Performance Tests

The performance of your application is equally important to its functional correctness. The best systems fail in the market if they can’t cope with high user load. Checking what happens if you apply load until your system breaks is better than finding it out the hard way in production.

A lot of applications with potential have failed or suffered from bad reputation in the past because they were overwhelmed by their success and couldn’t handle all of the user demand.

Load and performance testing tools help to generate load and measure the health of your system during such session. They also help you to identify the bottlenecks in your system so that you can target these hotspots and ensure the performance of your system.

These tools however cannot help in checking the end user experience during increasing load by answering questions like:  How does your web site look, or Can you still work with it?

Neotys and Tricentis have addressed this by integrating Tosca Testsuite with Neoload from Neotys. With this new integration you can:

  • Define your own time measurements – now you can easily measure the duration of your login process during a high performance
  • Define your own test sets for performance tests – pick the most important test cases with the highest business risk to be executed
  • Check the user experience – automatically create screenshots during your test run
  • Compare results – check server and client statistics and compare them.

With this integration the gap between server side performance tests and end user experience is closed so that you get the full picture of your application’s behavior!

We hope you have as much fun using these features as much as we did building them! Read all about the new features on our What’s New page.