What’s New in Tosca Testsuite 9.0: Distributed Execution

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What’s new in Tosca testsuite 9.0: Distributed execution

Editor’s Note: The Tricentis team is excited to present the new Tosca Testsuite 9.0! For this release, we’ve introduced several exciting new features and capabilities into Tosca Testsuite.  For more information, check out the ‘What’s New’ section on our website.

In the meantime however, here is the inside scoop from the experts and product managers behind the features themselves.


Our approach to distributed test execution (DEX) boosts the performance of your testing by distributing your automated test sets across multiple virtual machines, computers in your network, or even in the cloud. And, it gets even better. All this is easily achieved with minimal effort – no complex installation or laborious configurations. The basic principle is to keep DEX simple but powerful.


For large complex systems, the number of test cases ranges from a few hundred to several thousand. Even computers with substantial processing capacity would require a huge amount of time to execute such a large test suite. In any fast-paced development environment, parts of your test suite will need to be executed multiple times in a limited time period. This adds a further challenge to the problem of proper testing when your testing team is already being asked to increase its ability to rapidly and reliably deliver comprehensive test results in ever-decreasing and continuous release cycles.

Providing rapid feedback about the quality of your product is, without a shadow of doubt, a truly gigantic task. It’s nearly impossible to keep pace with that insane speed without scaling test automation and test execution in the same breath. Divide and conquer is the key to success. This means that your ability to distribute test sets across multiple physical/virtual machines (execution clients) in a heterogeneous system landscape is the key for agile testing teams to increase their operating speed.

Bad news, right? And, all this goes from bad to worse, since innovative businesses such as yours will steadily experience ever more pressure to reduce time-to-market.  No need to panic though. Our answer to distributed test execution (DEX) removes all these barriers in one single swoop to let you easily surmount this dilemma. DEX enables you to overcome tight testing time constraints in order to sustainably strengthen customer satisfaction at the same time. What more could your testing heart desire?


First, pick your test sets to plan your test events. Just a few drag & drop operations are required and you are ready to go.

Next, optionally define configurations of your execution clients and assign them to your test events to constrain your test execution to certain execution clients and make your distributed test execution more powerful.

Lastly, run your test sets and monitor the results as well as the status of your test events in our web-based monitor.

Easy handling and ease-of-use is our top priority. During runtime, you “set it and forget it” but you always have the chance to intervene. It goes without saying that DEX takes care of the optimal distribution of your test sets across your execution clients via load balancing. This ensures that all your test sets are executed fluently. Simple but powerful.

We hope you have as much fun using these features as much as we did building them!

Read all about the new features on our What’s New page.