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What’s New in Tosca Testsuite 9.0: The Tosca Recorder

Editor’s Note: The Tricentis team is excited to present the new Tosca Testsuite 9.0! For this release, we’ve introduced several exciting new features and capabilities into Tosca Testsuite.  For more information, check out the ‘What’s New’ section on our website.

In the meantime however, here is the inside scoop from the experts and product managers behind the features themselves.

Model-based Test Automation is a very powerful tool for reaching the highest level of test automation.  The reusable test assets created in Model-based Test Automation lowers your maintenance to the very minimum. However it also involves some knowledge before you can benefit from this approach – there IS a learning curve (as you already know).

Wouldn’t it be great if you could start automating your first tests immediately after the installation is finished?

Wouldn’t it be great if anyone could create meaningful tests without reading a manual or attending a training?

Tosca Recorder is our answer to bridging the gap between inexperienced user and experts. Hit the new “Record” button to start working directly with your web application and create model-based test cases at the same time. These test cases can easily be converted to a data driven test by one drag & drop operation.

Tosca Recorder also allows you to add verification steps by a simple right click – now your subject matter experts will create test cases you can use while working directly in the application.

The best thing? This is only the first stage in our journey – stay tuned for more exciting things to come: like recording SAP test cases.

We hope you have as much fun using these features as much as we did building them!


Read all about the new features on our What’s New page.