Product updates

Tricentis Tosca Continuous Testing Platform 11.3

Tricentis Tosca Continuous Testing Platform 11.3

Continuous Testing is required for DevOps success, and fast, maintainable test automation is key for Continuous Testing. The latest release of Tricentis Tosca introduces the following new capabilities to help enterprises create and maintain test automation at the speed of DevOps.


  • Mobile Testing
  • TestImpact analysis
  • SoapUI tests more maintainable and extensible
  • Database and BI/Data Warehouse Testing
  • Cross-Browser Testing

Effortless SAP test automation makes manual testing obsolete

The overhead and complexity traditionally associated with test automation has prevented the majority of SAP key users from taking advantage of automated testing. Now, there’s no reason to continue manual testing.

With Tricentis Tosca version 11.3, Tricentis reinvents automated testing for SAP. As the user exercises the application, sophisticated functional tests are created in real time. This enables teams to take full advantage of test automation without any additional effort.

The completely redesigned SAP recorder makes it faster and easier to automate the testing of end-to-end business processes that pass through the entire SAP technology solutions stack. It allows you to record interactions with SAP user interfaces and create maintenance-free and business-readable scriptless test cases.

Visual branching and merging conflict resolution for tests in Github

With Agile and DevOps, teams commonly maintain different versions of their applications and test cases. The latest version of Tricentis Tosca can visualize test changes, making it simple to compare the test objects and resolve conflicts while merging changes to test cases across multiple branches. This helps reduce the time required for test suite updating and eliminates the hassles of tedious text-based diffing. This feature is available for branching and merging test cases in Github or in a local Tricentis repository.

Dramatically accelerate testing with TestImpact analysis

Fast feedback lies at the heart of Agile and DevOps. However, enterprise test suites are often too extensive to execute upon each check-in. The integration of Tricentis Tosca and Teamscale test gap analysis enables you to execute only the tests impacted by the latest code changes. This significantly speeds up test execution while exposing defects as soon as they are introduced (when they are fastest, easiest, and cheapest to fix). It also identifies and prioritizes the tests most likely to fail—so teams who stop testing upon the first test failure will reach that point as efficiently as possible. Moreover, test gap analysis’ “functional-test-to-code” traceability further accelerates testing by 1) highlighting what code is related to a functional test failure, enabling rapid remediation and 2) helping you understand what—if any—additional tests need to be added to achieve the desired level of code coverage.

Make your SoapUI tests more maintainable and extensible

If your team has already SoapUI test projects, you can automatically import them into Tricentis Tosca. The resulting Tricentis Tosca test cases are model-based, business-readable, and data-driven—facilitating test case maintenance and extension.

Once converted from SoapUI, those API test cases can be reused across multi-channel (mobile, cross-browser, packaged apps, etc.) end-to-end tests as well as complemented with exploratory testing. Moreover, you can take advantage of additional Tricentis capabilities such as synthetic test data generation, risk coverage optimization, service virtualization, test management, and analytics as you extend and optimize those tests.

This tool can be downloaded at Tricentis Marketplace.

Tricentis Tosca 11.3 also introduces feature enhancements in following areas:

Database and BI/Data Warehouse Testing

Database and BI/Data Warehouse testing typically involves many connection parameters. With this release, Tricentis Tosca offers centralized management of database connections. This accelerates the test creation process, reduces redundancies, and facilitates test case maintenance.

JMS Support

Tricentis Tosca 11.3 extends its web service/ API testing support for JMS. All API testing capabilities (e.g., API Scan) are now available for JMS and the same test case definitions can be reused across HTTP/S and JMS. Additional JMS pattern-matching options are now available for service virtualization as well.

Mobile Testing

Tricentis Tosca 11.3 introduces multiple enhancements for mobile testing. This release supports test automation of Android 8 based mobile apps. It also simplifies the creation and execution of mobile test cases without requiring APK (Android application package) or iPA (iOS application archive) files. In addition, customers can now set device orientation and use new customization options to increase user productivity.

Cross-Browser Testing

Tricentis Tosca 11.3 introduces multiple enhancements for cross-browser testing, including test automation of web applications using shadow DOM and Google’s embedded Chromium.

Technology Support

Tricentis Tosca supports a wide range of technologies ranging from API and UI to Web and Mobile. Tricentis Tosca 11.3 extends its comprehensive technology coverage by supporting Windows Server 2016 as client operating system, Power Builder 2017 and HOST automation on Windows 10.