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What’s New In The Tricentis Platform 12.0

Tricentis Continuous Testing Platform 12.0

Continuous Testing is required for DevOps success, and fast, maintainable test automation is key for Continuous Testing. The latest release of Tricentis Tosca introduces the following new capabilities to help enterprises create and maintain test automation at the speed of DevOps.


  • New Interactive Testing
  • New Tricentis Cloud Repository
  • Next Generation Enterprise Analytics
  • Enhanced User Experience

New Interactive Testing

Execute manual testing without installing Tricentis Tosca

Tricentis Tosca 12.0 introduces new interactive testing that allows test managers to set-up and distribute manual test cases to testers who can execute these test cases and collect the results back without the need of complete Tosca environment.

Test managers can invite external manual testers, who do not use Tosca, to join interactive test sessions via an email, execute the test cases and share the results back with test managers for further analysis in Tricentis Tosca. After receiving the email invitiation to join the interactive test session, a manual tester installs a light-weight interactive testing agent that helps distribute test cases, share results back and synchronize with Tricentis Tosca Commander for test result analysis.

This new interactive testing addresses many challenges of manual testing and enables test managers to include business users, subject matter experts and remote testers to collaborate on testing without the need to use a license and install complete Tricentis Tosca.

New Tricentis Cloud Repository

Improve collaboration between distributed teams

Tricentis Tosca 12.0 introduces the new Tricentis Cloud Repository that makes it easy for remote teams to collaborate on the same test automation projects and plan, create and execute tests from a common repository hosted on Tricentis Cloud. It provides an on-demand, self-service repository service for storing and managing Tricentis Tosca test artefacts while delivering fast performance, high availability, security and compatibility enterprises need without the hassle of providing your own database infrastructure.

Tricentis customers can use Tricentis Cloud Repository to collaborate on test projects with distributed teams and continute to use existing local repositories for existing test projects. It is compatible with all Tricentis products and gives you a simple web-based platform to manage your test projects. Existing Tricentis customers can use the Tricentis Cloud Repository migration service to easily migrate their existing common repositories to Tricentis Cloud.

Next Generation Enterprise Analytics

Actionable insights with new reporting and dashboards re-engineered for customization and flexibility

Tricentis Tosca 12.0 introduces the next generation enterprise analytics that delivers actionable insights to testers, automation architects, business analysts and senior executives with new reporting and dashboards re-engineered for customization and flexibility.

The new analytics functionality analyzes the corelated data in the newly introduced reporting data store that aggregates complex data from various data sources within the Tricentis Tosca Continuous Testing Platform and presents it as customizable and flexible reports and dashboard for different roles.

The new analytics, dashboard and reporting uses Qlik Sense® as platform for data analysis and includes a free licesnse of Qlik Sense® for a few out-of-the box reports and dashboards. Customers can upgrade to Qlik Sense® Enterprise to get deeper insights by building their own customeized, rich, guided analytics and dashboards.

Enhanced User Experience

Redesigned Tricentis Tosca Commander and simplified scanning of UIs and APIs

Another key user experience enhancement in this release is the simplified scanning of UIs and APIs. With this simplified scanning options, Tricentis Tosca users can start scanning within the application itself with a lean lean workflow and minimum number clicks to complete the scanning in half the time it took earlier. Customers will still have the option to switch the advanced scanning mode if needed for complex applications.

Tricentis Tosca 12.0 also introduces feature enhancements in the following areas…

SAP Testing

Tricentis Tosca 12.0 extends its industry leading Enterprise End-to-End SAP Testing solution to include multiple enhancements.

The completely redesigned SAP recorder, which was introduced previous release, is enhanced further to make it even faster and easier to automate the testing of end-to-end business processes that pass through the entire SAP technology solutions stack. It now uses a direct connection to SAP via the SAP API Scripting interface and therefore, there are no overlays of controls in comparison to other SAP recorder technology.

With Tricentis Tosca 12.0, customers can record, steer, and execute more controls in applications based on SAP Fiori in addition recognizing SAP SuccessFactorsas SAP Fiori.

In addition, with support of latest versions of SAP business client, customers are now able to record test cases in one client and execute them in another client.

Mobile Testing

Tricentis Tosca 12.0 introduces multiple enhancements for mobile testing. This release supports test automation of mobile applications built with Cordova and Xamarin frameworks. It also enables customers to see what is happening on the devices on their desktop when the mobile devices are scanned for creating test cases or the tests are executed on the mobile device.

In addition, customers can now configure the Appium based mobile engine, the mobile device or your system under test wheather they are executing test cases or scanning mobile application to create test cases.

API Testing

Tricentis Tosca 12.0 introduces multiple enhancements for API testing. This release introducesa new API Message Recorder thatallows customers to visualize and analyze the traffic between the system under test and the backend while running the UI tests. The Message Recorder can also intercept HTTP messages via the local system proxy. These recordings can then be reused for API testing and service virtualization.

This release introduces the support for key protocols and APIs required in Healthcare industry. It now supports HL7 messages, MLLP transport protocol, XML signatures, and transport & message level webservice security making Tricentis Tosca a first class testing solution for the healthcare industry.

This release also introduces Postman collection importer for importing any artefacts created during development with Postman Tricentis Tosca and adding them to the regression tests.

The Postman Importer is available for download from the Tricentis Software Testing Tool Marketplace.

Service Virtualization

Tricentis Tosca 12.0 introduces a new functionaly that allows Tricentis Orchestrated Service virtualization to fall back to a virtualized message in case a virtual service is not available during test execution. This makes end-to-end testing robust by continuing to execute test and reporting the issue even if any virtual service is inaccessible.

In addition, customers can now easily create Module Attributes for Tricentis Orchestrated Service virtualization Modules with the Attribute Assistant.

Continuous Load Testing — with Flood Element

Since the inception of load testing, the approach has been mostly the same. Users simulate the traffic of an application by creating load at the API or protocol level, e.g JMeter. However, they don’t scale very well for modern distributed web services workload.

We are proud to announce Flood Element – the first open source tool to shift the paradigm of load testing from Protocol Level User(PLU) load generation to Browser Level User (BLU) load generation. With browser level testing, many of the problems of protocol level testing can be eliminated through a holistically different approach using simple language and measuring browser performance. Get started today at

Jenkins Plugin

Continuous Testing has become mandatory to keep pace with Agile and DevOps and benefit from the efficiency gained by these methodologies. Tricentis Tosca CI client has already been supporting the continuous testing in the Continuous Integration pipeline by allowing the build/CI tools to trigger the test execution remotely, distribute them among several agents for parallel execution and pass the result back as JUnit.

Tricentis Tosca 12.0 introduces Jenkins community plugin for Tricentis Tosca with easy configuration UI to make it even convenient for customers to trigger test execution in Tricentis Tosca at the end of a Jenkins build in a Continuous Integration pipeline. The plugin is available for free at Jenkins community.

Oracle E-Business Suite Support

Tricentis Tosca 12.0 introduces the test automation support for Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) applications. In addition to supporting the test automation of all the Oracle EBS user interfaces, it also support API testing with Oracle Service Bus and Service virtualition to provide comprehensive test automation support Oracle EBS application environment.

Test Data Management

Test Data Management (TDM), that provides secure, reliable, and compliant test data on-demand, is critical for Continuous Testing success. Tricentis Tosca 12.0 expands its Test Data Management (TDM) solution by introducing its new TDM Studio, a designer for creating and masking production data and synthetic test data. Combined with our Test Data (REST) Service, this new Studio offers an unique and innovative approach to providing secure test data to overcome the typical test data challenges.