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Why Should You Import Your HP Quality Center Test Portfolio Into Tricentis Tosca?

Tricentis Tosca helps companies automate their tests in order to optimize the effectiveness and efficiency of their software testing. The testing suite optimizes the business risk coverage by finding the right test cases to execute, and then records the test progress. Thus, the companies can ensure a high quality level of test coverage.

HP’s Quality Center is a manual testing tool. It is used by many companies and sometimes is used as the test repository asset. Companies however, cannot realize test automation using Quality Center.

The key difference betweenTricentis Tosca and Quality Center is that HP’s product is only used for the manual testing, while Tosca is able to steer both manual and automated testing. Tosca can also integrate with other projects such as the Selenium and the Quality Center test portfolio.

One of the main objectives of test automation for the companies is to gain time, efficiency, and quality in their software testing. If companies have used Quality Center previously, they can leverage Tosca to optimize their testing and automate their test cases without having to lose their entire history of testing work.

Tricentis offers the opportunity to help customers in the transition from manual to automated testing.

When importing your HP Quality Center test portfolio into Tosca, Tosca will:

  • Store the requirements tree. The basis of every testing project, the requirements tree catalogues all the business department’s needs.
  • Store the test cases from Test Plan. The Test Plan describes the testing features and helps with test case design in Tosca.
  • Store the execution lists from Test Lab. The execution lists can be reused to define the test cases in Tosca.
  • Record the defects. Ensures the defects are catalogued and helps to balance the tests.

Below is a summary of the links between TOSCA and HP Quality Center:

Test automation can then begin within the Test Case Design module of Tosca. And voila! Let the fun begin!