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Continuous testing

Wolfgang Platz Interview with SuperbCrew.com

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Tricentis delivers continuous software testing solutions for enterprises. The company’s innovative approach to software testing enables organizations to achieve revolutionary automation rates while minimizing business risks. Tricentis’ solutions empower organizations to systematically align software testing with business needs, so they can harness technological change while optimizing cost and efficiency. Below is our interview with Wolfgang Platz, Founder and Chief Product Officer at Tricentis:

Q: Could you explain what you think the future of testing will look like and how will it affect testing companies such as Tricentis?

A: The move to Agile and DevOps is creating a huge demand for fast and continuous delivery of software testing. However, the software industry is still dominated by unscalable manual tests; and test automation itself has always been seen as an engineering discipline. Both struggle to cover our future testing needs. So where do we go from there? Some people say that developers will need to become testers and vice versa, in order for true automation to happen. I don’t believe that the vast majority of enterprises will be capable of accomplishing this. For testers to become true automation specialists, we will need to provide today’s manual testers with the tools of the future.

Q: What’s the best thing about Tricentis that people might not know about?

A: Tricentis is the continuous testing company for enterprises. We enable our customers’ manual testers to become automation specialists, regardless of whether the testers are sourced internally or from service providers. This allows them to expedite and scale their testing. Manual testers are excited about Tricentis because it helps accelerate their careers; while we are excited because our benefits to the industry have been recognized by Gartner. We are currently a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Software Test Automation 2015.

Q: How does Tricentis differ from other test automation companies?

A: The shift from manual testing to automation is our core message, but we go far beyond that in our testing philosophy. We start implementations by ‘doing the right things,’ i.e. making sure that you have the right test cases on hand, and are covering the highest amount of business risk possible with the least amount of test cases. Once you are working with the right test cases, you still need to ‘do things right’, i.e. creating automated test cases. On average, customers who implement Tosca Testsuite improve their testing by a factor of 10.

Q: Do you have any particular advice on product strategy and execution for future executives and tech entrepreneurs?

A: I have personally learnt several lessons over the years; this is my short list:
• Don’t try to create a perfect product – create a valuable product instead
• Show your product to customers as early as possible to benefit from their feedback and insight
• Never love your product more than you love your customers!

Q: What can we expect from Tricentis in the next six months?

A: We want our testing solution, Tosca Testsuite, to be perceived as the ‘iPhone of software testing tools.’ Our goal is to ensure that Tosca Testsuite merges ease of use with exceptional testing capabilities. Towards this end, we have created a recorder for our Model-based Test Automation approach, which is currently a hit with our customers. For 2016, we are also paying special attention to our Orchestrated Service Virtualization product. It was well received by the market last year and we are continually putting resources into it to make it even better.


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