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Word From the Experts: The SAP Recorder

One out of three enterprises are using SAP to drive their business.

Implementing SAP in a company is a challenge for any organization – you need to map your existing business process to SAP to benefit from it. Most companies also need to create adaptations during the implementation phase, leading to complicated customized implementation.

Even without that, making sure that your SAP system is working is crucial – you don’t want to end up with a broken ERP system when updating to a newer version. Even more complicated, business processes are very hard to document in way that everybody who has to work with them can easily understand.  An easily understandable process is a critical requirement for any successful testing.

To solve these SAP Testing problems, we have enabled our Tosca Recorder for SAP, allowing you to record your processes while interacting directly with SAP.

This makes it super easy to create the right test cases for building up your regression testing portfolio. You can even create data driven test cases during recording as a valuable starting point for risk based testing.

We see it as a step forward to help the manual testers of today become automation specialists of tomorrow.

Learn about the SAP Recorder here.