Removing the barriers to agility and faster time to market at one of the world’s largest insurance companies

Company overview

With over 78 million customers across 70 countries, Allianz is one of the largest insurance and asset management providers in the world. With more than 122 billion euros in revenue in 2016—and nearly 2 billion euros assets under management, Allianz relies heavily on complex, mission-critical traditional applications to maintain the trust and loyalty of their client base.

Tricentis was tasked with modernizing two core systems within Allianz that would help the company accelerate their time to value, and reduce costs around their manual test processes. Allianz Business System (ABS) is a shared platform that manages business processes and delivers end-to-end support for all contract management and claims processing. Allianz Management Information System (AMIS) is the company’s central corporate software system and is used in every step of the sales process for all insurance classes and banking products.

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    Industry: Banking
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    Organization size: 150,000 employees
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    Location: Global
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Business challenges

Allianz understood that delivering the highest quality service to their customers—and at the speed that business demands—is paramount for maintaining and growing their market share. But when testing remains a constraint in the software delivery lifecycle, achieving quality and speed at scale becomes an impossible challenge.

  • Arrow IconMaintaining agility between globally distributed development and test teams
  • Arrow IconComplex enterprise systems that include multiple integrated technologies
  • Arrow IconTime-intensive management of 20,000 individual test activities
  • Arrow IconMaintenance issues around legacy, script-based testing solutions
  • Arrow IconInefficiencies among testing resources with varying levels of technical/coding skills
  • Arrow IconMore than 100,000 manual test cases requiring automation

The Tricentis solution

By leveraging Tricentis Tosca, Allianz was able to move 100% of their manual test cases to a model-based approach to test automation. These models are dynamic, synchronized with the release candidate, and can be updated to reflect any application changes—eliminating maintenance challenges and barriers to agility.

Tricentis Tosca’s Continuous Testing platform also provided Allianz with a single, automated testing portfolio that can be shared by Allianz’ distributed testing teams, as well as centralized, real-time, risk-based reporting for increased transparency. Tosca allowed for easier and faster test distribution to Allianz’ distributed teams, which increased testing efficiency by 80%, enabled management to respond to evolving regulatory requirements, and dramatically reduced time to value.