Alpina maximizes efficiency and minimizes risks with Tosca test automation

Company overview

Founded in 1945, Alpina is a Colombian dairy, food, and beverage company that operates in Colombia, Venezuela, and Ecuador. Alpina is Colombia’s third-largest dairy-producing company, with sales totaling over $700 million annually. Its products include beverages, milk, baby food, desserts, cheeses, cream, butter, and snacks.

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    Industry: Food & Beverage
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    Organization size: 6,000+ employees 
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    Location: Colombia 
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Integrated system upgrades impact business processes

Alpina required an upgrade of its SAP systems, including SAP S/4HANA, SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM), and SAP Process Orchestration (PO), so it could implement new enhancements and functionalities to run its business better. Alpina had to ensure that the upgrade would not impact the business processes that interact with its legacy, SAP (ERP S/4HANA, EWM, PO, Ariba, SAP SuccessFactors), and non-SAP systems (A-Movil, Go socket).

Alpina needed to test the many functionalities in its information systems in an efficient and fast manner while minimizing the risk of production bugs. Manual testing based on test scripts was not an option since it generated too much effort for the project team.

IT Alliance transforms Alpina with Tricentis Tosca

Alpina partnered with technology consultancy IT Alliance to find a solution that would streamline its testing and seamlessly integrate with its business processes. IT Alliance is a Tricentis partner that supports SAP customers in their digital transformation and helps them overcome business challenges.

Working with IT Alliance, Alpina selected Tricentis Tosca to speed up testing across its digital landscape. Tosca automates testing in SAP and non-SAP systems and supports the SAP S/4HANA 1709 to 2021 update project.

In Tricentis Tosca, Alpina saw an end-to-end solution that maintains QA processes through test automation. Tosca accelerates and optimizes the tests of the changes to be implemented across Alpina’s information systems, minimizing the risk of problems in the production environments.

Tricentis Tosca supports over 160+ technologies and enterprise applications, ensuring that Alpina’s test automation integrates with its different technologies. Tosca is easy to use for test automation with a low-code, AI-powered approach, making it a modular solution that allows Alpina to reuse the automation scripts for future test cases according to the extent of tests and the defined business scenarios.

Test automation increases efficiency for business operations

Alpina has achieved efficient business operations with Tosca. Alpina’s upgraded SAP and non-SAP systems support its business processes, such as finance, treasury, payables, costs, purchase-to-pay, sales and collection, manufacturing, planning and distributions, logistics, payroll, marketing, and more.

Tricentis Tosca has allowed Alpina to reuse automated testing cases according to the scope of the tests and the defined casuistry in the changes to implement, which impact the processes – all taking into consideration the data of each one of the partners, warehouses, distribution centers, business partners, and sales organizations.

The reuse of automated test scenarios has saved the Alpina team time and effort in the execution of tests. It has allowed the business to identify errors earlier before deploying in its production systems.