Gobernación de Antioquia

How the Gobernación de Antioquia facilitated a smooth SAP S/4HANA migration with Tricentis LiveCompare

Company overview

The Gobernación de Antioquia is the entity responsible for leading the executive power in the department of Antioquia in Colombia. The home of major Colombian cities such as Medellín, the government institution plays a key role in coordinating efforts with municipalities within its jurisdiction to promote the economic, social, and cultural development of the region. Additionally, it collaborates with other government entities at the national and local levels to ensure the well-being of the population.


The Gobernación de Antioquia, with its SAP installation in the public sector, faced high uncertainty due to the functional components of its current ERP system and the concerns arising from the numerous developments. This uncertainty was related to the SAP transformation path, identifying the best approach under a resource optimization model and minimal risk to migrate to S/4HANA.

Why Tricentis

Tricentis has developed a portfolio of applications that leverage and simplify business transformation processes, including Tricentis LiveCompare. LiveCompare’s SAP Change Impact Analysis was chosen to help address the challenges faced by the Gobernación de Antioquia.

The Gobernación de Antioquia chose LiveCompare further because it is an AI-driven risk analysis solution for SAP applications, designed to facilitate changes, reduce costs, complexity, and associated impacts with the operation or modernization of SAP systems. It encompasses the three pillars (Development, Testing, and Operations) of our current and future needs in the Gobernación de Antioquia, providing QA capabilities and management on a single platform, offering efficiency and high quality.

LiveCompare: An immediate positive impact

The Gobernación de Antioquia needed real, documented, and agile information to support the transformation strategy of their current SAP solutions ecosystem with a controlled risk threshold, optimizing resources and efforts. The decision aimed to achieve the following strategic objectives within the Information Technology department:

  • Identify the best transformation route: direct migration to SAP S/4HANA or a transitional transformation to Suite on Hana followed by migration to S/4HANA.
  • Identify licensing impacts based on currently licensed products and functionalities, obtaining a detailed view of changes and mapping solutions and components that need to be integrated into the SAP ecosystem or adjusted/detached from organizational processes.
  • Identify opportunities for improvement and quality in existing developments.
  • Evaluate existing developments and establish usability to optimize effort.
  • Minimize risk and effort within the transformation.
  • Identify immediate initiatives to reduce the impact of the transformation.
  • Identify testing and training needs required in the system.

To address these challenges, the Gobernación de Antioquia utilized the following capabilities of Tricentis LiveCompare: intelligent change impact analysis, risk evaluation for migration to S/4HANA, analysis of code quality in their own developments, usability of transactions in the system, impact on SAP licensing, and a review of the solution landscape.

This enabled the Gobernación de Antioquia to decide on a transformation path that aimed to generate efficiencies and minimize any risks, segmented into two stages:

Stage 1: Migration to Suite on S/4HANA and upgrade to SAP ECC 6.08, and Stage 2: Migration from SoH (Suite on HANA) to SAP S/4HANA.

Additionally, the results provided by LiveCompare are being used to implement the following initiatives:

  • Remediation of source code for required developments based on tool suggestions.
  • Removal of developments not in use in the system and redesigning business processes to ensure continuity of operations.
  • Definition of an assurance plan for impacted functionalities.
  • Evaluation of early adoption of functionalities and components required in S/4HANA prior to migration.

Decision to work with IT Alliance

IT Alliance is part of the strategic partners of the Gobernación de Antioquia within technological initiatives in SAP. Over this period, IT Alliance has been involved in optimizing processes, deploying various projects and initiatives that have led to the optimization of the resources of the Government. This has been achieved alongside a technical and functional understanding of the SAP solutions they possess.

Furthermore, within its partner ecosystem, IT Alliance has a partnership with Tricentis to execute various initiatives in quality assurance and change impact analysis areas using Tricentis tools.

IT Alliance enhances the information provided by Tricentis LiveCompare to support the Gobernación de Antioquia in the consulting process, advising and facilitating decision-making in the transformation to S/4HANA. They offer a service that scales efforts, addresses business cases with controlled risk in functional, technical, quality assurance, training, data, and security fronts.

Looking towards the future

The Gobernación de Antioquia aims to have tools to optimize the quality of its developments, work on the maintenance and evolution of solutions and operations that add value to its business chain.


  • Through the execution of Change Impact Analysis with Tricentis LiveCompare, it was determined that the optimal transformation path for their SAP systems is to initiate a migration to Suite on Hana with an upgrade to EhP8, followed by migration to SAP S/4Hana.
  • 80% reduction in development effort.
  • 50% reduction in business risk due to the identification of solution assurance scenario gaps and utilization of existing test resources.
  • 75% reduction in potential impacts avoided thanks to Tricentis LiveCompare
  • Leveraging code remediation initiatives on the 11.8% of active developments being used versus the 88.2% of developments that are not in use.