How Tricentis and Sofka helped Protección accelerate test automation and reduce costs

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Company overview

Protección is a pension and severance funds administrator headquartered in Medellín, Colombia, with presences in Bogotá, Cali, Barranquilla, and Cartagena. They serve over 8 million clients across Colombia.

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    Industry: Financial Services
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    Organization size: 1001-5000 employees
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    Location: Colombia
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Protección had the need to drive continuous delivery implementation, seeking no-code tools to reduce implementation times, test execution, and extend the scope to challenging-to-automate technologies that generate value for the business.

Defining the way they will work in the future

Protección is constantly evolving its products, always aiming to provide a better experience for its customers. To fulfill this promise, we continue to work on identifying and implementing the solution offered by Tricentis in projects aligned with our objectives.

The implementation of automation technologies that do not require software development skills, providing test automation rates like those offered by Tricentis, represents agility in responding to the business, early software deliveries, and handling technological changes with lower risk.

How Tosca improved their operational processes

Protección sought to achieve increased automation coverage and operational efficiency. The decision to incorporate Tricentis Tosca emerged because of a successful proof of concept that yielded expected results. During this evaluation, they identified a significant savings of over 30% in the implementation of two critical business flows. Beyond this savings, they were impressed by Tricentis Tosca’s support for the technologies they use, ensuring seamless integration into their existing environment.

A standout aspect of their experience was Tricentis Tosca’s effective reusability in an initially unforeseen scenario during the proof-of-concept duration. This not only underscored the inherent versatility of the tool but also highlighted its agility and adaptability to changing situations.

A concrete example illustrates the tangible impact of this acquisition on their processes. Previously, they dedicated an entire week to manually perform regression testing on a specific flow. However, with Tricentis Tosca, this task has been radically transformed, now taking only 4 hours for the same process. This translates to an astonishing 92% savings, freeing up valuable resources that can now be channeled towards other essential aspects of the Protección team’s business.

Why they made the decision to work with Tricentis

Protección faced significant challenges in managing their workgroups within the continuous integration cycle. To overcome these obstacles, an exhaustive evaluation process was carried out, including proof of concept testing with several tools available in the market. In this search process, it became evident that Tricentis met the requirements for operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness that we needed. Its offering not only addressed current challenges but also provided solutions with a high level of adherence and implementation speed.

The platform not only stands out for its robustness and versatility but also integrates easily into continuous integration cycles, enabling teams to achieve optimal results in record time. Furthermore, Tricentis’ solution aligns with the changing needs of the current technological environment, providing an undeniable competitive advantage.

In summary, by overcoming the challenges of continuous integration, Protección found in Tricentis not only an effective solution but a strategic partnership. Tricentis’ strengths, its integration and adaptability to changing technological demands, and its positive impact on software quality, came together to drive Protección towards excellence in software development.

Why they chose to work with Sofka

From the moment they sought a technological partner for our testing process, it was clear that Sofka was the best choice due to their outstanding expertise. Throughout the Protección team’s research and analysis process, Sofka’s reputation was a key factor that drew us in and instilled confidence in their ability to carry out our most ambitious projects.

Sofka’s track record, supported by a series of successful cases across various sectors, demonstrated that their solutions exceed standards of quality and efficiency. The Protección team has witnessed how their teams have approached each challenge with agility and creativity, delivering excellent results to Protección.

Sofka’s emphasis on technological innovation and dedication to staying at the forefront of the latest industry trends are qualities Protección highlights. This proactive attitude has allowed them to achieve outstanding results, on time, and to stay competitive in an ever-evolving market.

Sofka’s ability to understand Protección’s specific needs and tailor their solutions to Protección’s requirements has been crucial to the success of our joint projects.


Since acquiring the tool, they have implemented over 600 test scenarios, with 68% being high-complexity cases, resulting in implementation savings of over 45% compared to other tools. This equates to approximately 10,000 hours saved in test implementation time and a 30% reduction in execution times.

In Protección’s critical processes, they have achieved a test automation coverage of 65% using the Tricentis Tosca tool.