Leading Bank

Largest-in-history SAP SuccessFactors rollout succeeds — thanks to test automation

Company overview

One of the 10 largest banks in the world, with total assets over $2.5T, decided to ditch their “universally hated” HR system and modernize HR processes across global operations. Their solution-of-choice was SAP SuccessFactors in the cloud, supplemented by ServiceNow (all integrated via Mulesoft). This was a massive shift and it had to work perfectly. Any problems could compromise the compensation and benefits of over 250K employees and contractors worldwide.

The organization brought in Infosys to drive the QA and testing efforts for this incredibly complex project. Their mission was to ensure that critical HR processes—most of which varied across 65 countries and countless regions—worked flawlessly upon launch and could safely evolve as business needs change. Exacerbating the challenge, they quickly learned that the migration schedule was overly optimistic (yet inflexible) and the client’s existing test suite was not up to the task.


  • Existing tests were difficult to understand (to the point where they couldn’t be executed)
  • Dedicated team required for test automation
  • Minimal collaboration between business process experts and the automation team
  • Existing script-based testing yielded automation rates less than 5%
  • Testing cycles took 4 weeks to complete
  • High cost of quality
  • Extensive migration testing to perform on extremely tight deadlines
  • Many permutations of regional legislation and tax rules to test for each release

“This global HR transformation program brought enormous change with respect to our HR systems, processes, and organizational realignment. We faced a daunting amount of configuration and integration requirements that needed fast, accurate checking. With Infosys and Tricentis, we were able to contain our testing costs and improve our testing effectiveness.”

– Senior Director from the client


After a fast “proof of concept” pilot, Infosys brought in Tricentis Tosca and established it as the go-to testing tool. Their first step was to review the existing test suite. Using Tosca’s test case design analysis, they learned that the organization’s existing tests had a high degree of redundancy and a low level of risk coverage. Infosys then worked closely with business experts to build automated tests that checked the project’s most critical functionality. This subject matter expertise was essential for exhaustively testing regional variations across the core HR functions. Using this focused strategy, numerous “big blocker” issues were exposed within the first weeks of the project.

With testing specialists + business users all contributing to the automation effort via scriptless model-based test automation, testing for the migration project was completed ahead of schedule and exceeded automation targets. Now, the company has established end-to-end business process testing across their SAP and non-SAP application landscape. This regression testing is part of their CI/CD process for instant feedback on any system changes the business requires.


  • 90% test automation
  • 20X faster testing cycles
  • 60% efficiency gain
  • Migration testing completed weeks ahead of schedule
  • Test automation targets exceeded
  • Increased stakeholder confidence in release decisions
  • Business process experts contribute to test automation
  • High degree of reuse simplifies test extension and updating