Tricentis Cloud

A new era is beginning soon

With Tricentis Cloud, it’s simple to deploy and scale your Tricentis Tosca infrastructure. We’ll instantly provision what you need to get started, then automatically scale it for you as your Tricentis Tosca adoption levels evolve. You don’t have to worry about acquiring, configuring, or maintaining the required resources…and you don’t need to wait for other departments to assist you.

Tricentis Tosca users can continue working in their familiar Tricentis Tosca desktop clients, or they can explore the new browser-based capabilities that the cloud deployment introduces. In all cases, Tricentis Cloud orchestrates the synchronization, versioning, and sharing of test assets created from both the desktop and the thin client.

Why Tricentis Cloud?


The right Infrastructure

Automatically provision and evolve the right infrastructure for your changing needs

No Setup & Administration

Eliminate the hassles of setup and administration

Secured & Backed up

Rest assured that your data is secure and backed up

Easy team collaboration

Facilitate team collaboration, sharing, and test asset reuse

Access from everywhere

Gain browser-based access to test execution, monitoring, and analysis capabilities

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