Tricentis qTest

#1 Zephyr Enterprise Alternative

Zephyr Enterprise might be an upgrade from Zephyr for Jira, but does it fit your different test methodologies at scale? The qTest Platform provides solutions that work above and beyond typical test management tools like Zephyr Enterprise.

qTest vs Zephyr Enterprise

Does Zephyr really offer everything that the enterprise needs? See how qTest’s platform capabilities compare against Zephyr Enterprise.

Features and Capabilities


Zephyr Enterprise

Test Case Management

Real-time Jira Integration

No real-time integration at the release level

Robust Custom Reporting

Flexible Integrations with Automation Tools

Integration capabilities are limited

Centrally Manage and Schedule Test Automation

Modern, Intuituve UI

Automated Test Script Generator

Test Data Parameters

Exploratory Testing Tool

Only basic capabilities

Test Case Sharing

Takes extra steps

Leading enterprises rely on qTest


Centrally manage test automation & tie it to Jira issues

Unlike Zephyr Enterprise, qTest helps teams across the enterprise centrally manage their test automation—no matter their automation strategy. With qTest’s real-time Jira integration, you can easily tie your test automation to your Jira issues.

No wonder Atlassian chose qTest for their test management.

Cross-project reporting and advanced analytics

Cross-project reporting is a must for enterprise Agile and DevOps teams. Tricentis’ advanced analytics solutions give teams an analytical engine to consolidate, manage, and customize all of their testing metrics. Tricentis also allows full visibility for test results connected to your Jira issues.

Tricentis Analytics - Continuous Analytics Testing

Re-usable test data parameters

Define variable test step data with qTest Parameters to reduce redundant documentation. Test across importable data sets to increase efficiency in test execution.

Integrate with Jira and more!

The qTest testing platform integrates with JIRA in real-time for test coverage and bug reporting. Our platform also supports some of the most popular open-source and third-party testing solutions, such as Selenium, Jenkins, and eggPlant.

Features, Support and Improvements

The qTest Platform provides the testing solutions, support and training your team needs for agile test methodologies.

Platform Capabilities

Zephyr Enterprise may have test case management, but they don’t have a platform of tools for advanced test analytics, BDD testing, or exploratory testing.

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Support and Training

The qTest Platform comes with more than just a suite of testing tools. Your team will have dedicated customer success representative, an expansive video training library, and a support site to ensure your team is up to speed on all Tricentis products.

Enhancements and Features

Join a partnership where your feedback and requests matter! Our customers get multiple product releases per quarter driven by the features you suggest to our product team.

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