Tricentis qTest

#1 Zephyr for Jira alternative

Zephyr for Jira might work for small project teams, but for those who need a testing platform built for the enterprise – Tricentis qTest is your answer.

qTest vs Zephyr for Jira

See how qTest’s enterprise testing capabilities compare against Zephyr for Jira. 

Features and Capabilities


Zephyr For Jira

Test Case Management

Enterprise-level sclability not available

Real-time Jira Integration

No real-time integration at the release level

Robust Custom Reporting

Centrally Manage and Schedule all Test Automation

Native Integrations with Opensource Tools

Built for the Enterprise

Organize and Re-use Regression Cycles

Configuration Management

Test Case Versioning and Approval

Platform Capabilities

The qTest Jira integration: built for the enterprise

Unlike Zephyr for Jira, qTest's webhook-based Jira integration doesn't cause Jira performance issues.
Report Icon

Gain Executive and Portfolio Visibility

Test Management apps for Jira have extremely limited reporting capabilities. Tricentis Analytics allows you to create meaningful reports based on your Jira-integrated testing data.

Scale Icon

Manage Testing at Scale

Jira testing apps like Zephyr are built for small teams that execute low levels of test automation. qTest is built to scale continuous testing to the enterprise level.

Make Automation Work For You

Test automation can quickly become separated from business requirements. qTest’s real-time Jira integration allows you to tie test automation to Jira requirements.

Companies that made the switch

Centrally manage test automation & tie it to Jira issues

Unlike Zephyr for Jira, qTest helps teams across the enterprise centrally manage their test automation—no matter their automation strategy. With qTest’s real-time Jira integration, you can easily tie your test automation to your Jira issues.

Better test run management

Zephyr for JIRA only allows you to manage tests in a flat list without the ability to nest test runs into test cycles and/or test suites. With qTest Manager, you have the flexibility to organize your test runs any way you want.

  • Create logical groups of test runs to better organize and prioritize test activities.
  • Track Automation and Manual executions side-by-side, and instantly reuse tests from release-to-release.

Industry-leading reporting and analytics

Zephyr for Jira doesn’t have the ability to capture key metrics and use that raw data to create intelligible, visually stunning reports. With our advanced analytics solutions, easily build detailed visual reports to help improve test quality, coverage, and velocity.

Connected to your software stack

The qTest Platform is the most integrated testing software on the market. Connect with the most popular developer tools like Bamboo, Jenkins, Selenium and many more.

Features, support, and improvements

The qTest Platform provides the testing solutions, support and training your team needs for Agile test methodologies.

Platform Capabilities

Zephyr for JIRA may have test case management, but they don’t have a platform of tools for advanced test analytics, BDD testing, or exploratory testing.

Chat Icons
Support and Training

The qTest Platform comes with more than just a suite of testing tools. Your team will have a dedicated customer success representative, an expansive video training library, and a support site to ensure your team is up to speed on all Tricentis products.

Enhancements and Features

Join a partnership where your feedback and requests matter! Our customers get multiple product releases per quarter driven by the features you suggest to our product team.

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