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How legacy QA hinders digital transformation

Too often, organizations fail to prioritize QA transformation as they adopt agile and DevOps methods to develop and deliver software faster. Many QA teams are stuck using ineffective legacy solutions which lack critical integration capabilities, offer a subpar user experience, and fail to support modern development workflows. That means QA teams lack visibility and can’t test new code as it is written, causing the entire software development lifecycle to stall.

Why are teams migrating to a modern quality platform?

When testing lags too far behind development, bugs are often embedded in the code and are significantly costlier and more time-consuming to correct. As a result, QA remains a bottleneck at the end of the development lifecycle, or worse, it is rushed, and organizations end up with defect-ridden releases that fail to provide the high-quality experiences today’s customers demand.

Year over year, Micro Focus Quality Center (HPQC) has been among the least recommended testing tools for Agile teams in the State of Agile Report.

What if you could equip testers with an end-to-end testing solution that seamlessly integrates with Agile and DevOps tools, with the enterprise features most add-ons lack?

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