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Tx3 VERA (Validated Electronic Record Approval) for Tricentis enables clients in FDA-regulated industries to comply with the electronic record and signature requirements of 21 CFR Part 11. The integration enables testers to apply electronic signatures to your Agile testing processes directly from Tricentis qTest.

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Agile testing with streamlined regulatory compliance

Embed Part 11 compliant electronic signatures into Agile software testing workflows, and accelerate time to market with Tricentis qTest and Tx3 VERA.

Approval workflow for meeting compliance needs during software testing



Approve faster, stay compliant

Remove bottlenecks associated with manual and document-centric validation with Tx3 VERA’s web-based approval process, which integrates electronic signature functionality into Tricentis qTest to comply with 21 CFR Part 11.


Reduce validation costs

Tx3 VERA and qTest enable organizations to achieve compliance with the FDA’s 21 CFR Part 11, while dramatically reducing the time and expense associated with traditional validation methods.


Compliance in DevOps

VERA’s integration with Tricentis qTest bridges the gap between regulatory compliance and a modern testing practice that integrates Agile test management with test automation and DevOps tools across your delivery pipelines.


Clear audit trails

With VERA’s real-time data and audit history, teams can provide auditors the information they need on demand, in a central location.


Instant reports

Quickly generate audio reports on demand, directly from the tools you’re already using to manage Agile planning, testing, and delivery.


Reduce audit risk

Complying with the required validation processes can quickly become time consuming and difficult to track. Tricentis qTest’s integration with Tx3 VERA enforces a controlled workflow, reducing risk at the time of an unexpected audit.

Compliance-ready Agile testing

The integration between Tricentis qTest and Jira software becomes even more powerful with Tx3 VERA. This integration allows for Agile planning and continuous testing workflows for applications within an FDA-regulated environment. The result ensures compliance at every test step, without slowing software delivery.

  • Approve Jira user stories and defects with Tx3 VERA
  • Test Jira user stories with Tricentis qTest and approve test runs with Tx3 VERA

Pre-approval workflows for test case design

Easily apply electronic signatures in Tx3 VERA for test cases that have been routed from approval. This integration allows multiple levels of approval for each manual test case, exploratory test session, and automated test case prior to execution.

  • Route test cases for approval before they are executed
  • Apply electronic signatures for test cases using custom properties and fields
qTest-Tx3 integration test case design workflow screens

Post-approval workflows for test runs

After test runs have been executed, teams can route their test run results approval. Those with approval authority can quickly see which tasks need attention and which test runs need approval.

  • View qTest test run properties in VERA for approval
  • Access and apply electronic signature quickly from the VERA UI
  • See all approval updates in real time
Tx3-qTest test run workflows

Lock results, ensure quality

Once testers route their test runs for approval, qTest will automatically lock the run properties to ensure no edits are made during the approval process.

Screen showing locked in test cases for approvals that can't be modified

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