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Tricentis Tosca

No-code, Automated Continuous Testing

Tricentis Tosca, the #1 Continuous Testing platform, accelerates testing with a script-less, no-code approach for end-to-end test automation. With support for over 160+ technologies and enterprise applications, Tosca provides resilient test automation for any use case. 

Tricentis Tosca - Automated CT

Leader in Test Automation Four Years in a Row

Gartner has recognized Tricentis as “Leader” in Software Test Automation for 4 years in a row. Read the 2018 Magic Quadrant for Software Test Automation to learn why.

Avoid Script Maintenance With Tricentis MBTA

Most script-based test automation tools create brittle test cases that require burdensome and costly maintenance cycles. 

Tricentis MBTA (Model-based Test Automation) is the only automation approach in the marketplace that provides rapid creation of resilient tests that can be easily maintained. This allows our customers to achieve test automation rates of 90% from release to release.

Tricentis MBTA

Achieve End-to-End Continuous Testing 

With support for over 160+ technologies, Tricentis MTBA engine powers end-to-end test automation ranging from API to UI (web, mobile, or custom), databases to BI solutions, and programming languages to packaged applications. 

Increase your team’s test coverage from modern HTML web and mobile apps to enterprise applications like SAP that power critical business processes.

Test Smarter, Not Longer with Risk Based Testing

As your application code base grows, and release times shorten, your team’s execution time will continue to shrink.

Tricentis Tosca’s risk-based testing allows our customers to remove redundancies from their test case portfolio and gain over 80% risk coverage with the optimal set of tests to execute for each release.

Tricentis Risk Based Testing

Shift Left, Simplify API Test Automation  

API testing remains a challenge for most organizations due to the required technical skills of a developer. Tricentis breaks down this technical barrier and helps teams shift left by simplifying the transition from UI testing to API testing through a model-based approach. 

This allows any tester to create API tests from an intuitive business-readable interface and then integrate into end-to-end test scenarios that span cross web UIs, mobile, SAP, and more. 

Eliminate Costly Testing Delays with Service Virtualization 

Without access to complete test environments, testing becomes a bottleneck in application delivery.

Tricentis OSV (Orchestrated Service Virtualization) allows business users to build virtual services directly from their API test modules without deep technical or coding knowledge. This allows teams to test continuously when dependent systems are offline and reduces cost of testing (e.g. reduce MIPS).

Orchestrated Service Virtualization

Run Tests with Reliable Test Data

Industry reports estimate that it takes around 50-75% of testers time to provision and create reliable test data for test automation. 

Tricentis TDM (Test Data Management) reduces test data creation time by automatically creating and provisioning on-demand synthetic or masked production data for test automation

Boost Data Confidence, Reduce Data Integrity Issues

One of the biggest challenges with BI and Data Warehouse projects is guaranteeing the integrity of the data—and ensuring that any errors are detected as early as possible.

Tricentis BI and Data Warehouse testing ensures data integrity faster, more rigorously, and more reliably than manual ETL testing and report verification.

Tricentis Tosca - BI Data Warehouse End to End Testing

Test Automation @ DevOps Speed

Tricentis Tosca’s expansive continuous testing capabilities help your teams keep pace with the speed of DevOps.


Functional Testing

E2E regression testing


BI/DWH Testing

Protect data integrity


Load Testing

Ensure performance and scalability


Packaged App Testing

SAP, Salesforce, Oracle, SNOW…


Risk-Based Testing

Align testing w/ business priorities


Model-Based Test Automation

Simple, resilient automation


Test Data Management

Parameterize tests


Service Virtualization

Replace dependencies


Exploratory Testing

Expose critical defects fast


Tricentis Cloud Repository

Cloud-based collaboration


Test Impact Analysis

Find defects faster


Distributed Execution

Accelerate test execution

Industry-leading Technology Support

One solution–supporting over 150 technologies–to plan, construct, stabilize, and execute resilient end-to-end tests.