Tricentis Tosca - Accessibility testing

Run web accessibility testing early in your development

Transform your testing process with Tosca’s integrated web accessibility testing. You can reuse your regression tests for accessibility testing, helping teams catch potential issues early in development. Easily validate web applications’ accessibility compliance against WCAG 2.0 and AA measures, all while improving your application’s usability and expanding market access to diverse audiences.



Accessibility testing challenges

Manual testing

Challenge: The majority of teams check an application’s accessibility manually. This slows down release cycles and time-to-market.


Solution: Automated accessibility testing can help you catch issues early in development.

Lack of expertise

Challenge: Implementing accessibility testing may require knowledge of specific coding practices or technologies, which the team may not possess.


Solution: Codeless test automation helps any team member contribute to quality.

Rapid Agile cycles

Challenge: Fast, iterative cycles make it difficult to perform accessibility testing, leading to overlooked issues.


Solution: Embed automated accessibility testing into your existing portfolio, without rework.


Test early and rapidly with automated accessibility testing

Reuse your existing test cases to run automated web accessibility tests much earlier in your development cycle. Tosca performs a complete check of the entire page and reports on violations. You can add accessibility checks on individual test steps, test cases, or entire end-to-end flows depending on you requirements.

Tosca identifies on average 57% of WCAG issues, including empty links, basic color contrast, missing alternative text, page title, ARIA labels, and more.

Test early and rapidly with automated accessibility testing

Be accessibility and compliant-ready

Teams can access execution reports to see critical, severe, and moderate issues found in your application’s accessibility. This enables teams to easily validate web applications and provide reporting for WCAG 2.0 and AA compliance measures.

Access execution reports - Tricentis Tosca accessibility testing

Easily identify ARIA controls implemented in screen readers

As the European Accessibility Act gears up for 2025, web applications will have to improve their accessibility readiness and increasingly implement ARIA semantics. Tosca is primed to support this shift through automated accessibility testing.

Assistive technologies such as screen readers depend on ARIA labels for vocalizing various controls such as buttons, fields, and text boxes. For developers and testers, it is therefore important to ensure ARIA labels are correctly implemented. With Tosca, you can scan and identify complex ARIA elements as readable, contextualized controls. This helps teams stabilize test automation while, in turn, contribute to accessibility testing.

Easily identify ARIA controls implemented in screen readers

Try it out today

With Tosca 2023.1, you can access the tech preview of our latest web accessibility testing feature. Try it out today and share your feedback with our product teams to help us innovate for the future.