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Automate data integrity testing across your complete data landscape

Data integrity issues cost organizations $15M annually, on average (Gartner). And $3.1T overall is wasted finding and fixing data issues each year (HBR). Stop these data issues in their tracks with an automated, integrated process that covers your complete data landscape.

Tricentis Data Integrity is the industry’s top end-to-end data testing solution for enterprise organizations. Rely on our advanced automation to eliminate data integrity and BI/DWH issues before they can compromise your decision making.

Tricentis Tosca - BI Data Warehouse End to End Testing

Why Tricentis Data Integrity?

Improve costs, decrease testing effort, and speed your time-to-market with Tricentis Data Integrity.



Test everything from the integrity of the disparate data entering your system, to integrations, transformations, and migrations, to report logic and presentation.

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Any technology

Sits on top of any data landscape, covering structured, unstructured, and message data from any source or technology as well as reports in any analytics tool via UI, API, and PDF.


Accessible automation

Enable Business Analysts, Data Stewards, Data Engineers, etc. to automate testing, replacing spotty “state and compare” checking as well as complex, unscalable SQL scripting.


CI/CD integration

Integrates into CI/CD pipelines to ensure frequent application changes don’t inadvertently alter ETL processes and compromise data quality.



Delivers a mature enterprise-grade solution with highly-scalable performance and enterprise-grade global support to help you achieve your goals, fast.



Guides teams to focus limited testing resources on top business risks; reveals whether a release candidate is sufficiently tested and fit for release.

Our MI (Management Information) systems are the basis for critical executive decisions. From calculating payments, to evaluating discounts, to assessing the impact of regional developments, the company’s ability to reduce risk and drive new business hinges upon the accuracy of the data underlying our highly data-driven processes.

The ability to automatically expose data impacts — as soon as they enter our systems — is vital to maintaining our competitive advantage, as well as our regulatory compliance.

Stephen Fishwick, Director, Head of DWH MI and Archiving, Enterprise and Data Solutions at RBS

Automated end-to-end data integrity testing

Automated End-to-End Data Integrity Testing


Migrating legacy data (e.g., from IBM Netezza, Oracle, MSSQL, PostgreSQL) to Snowflake is not a simple “lift and shift.” Ensuring that the data is moved efficiently requires extensive validation and reconciliation across the old and new worlds.

Tricentis Data Integrity’s end-to-end data reconciliation and validation has helped top organizations unleash the full power and speed of Snowflake testing. Tap our technology and strategy for testing before, during, and after your migration.

Snowflake Testing

Healthcare analytics

The focus on preventative care and performing the “right” services for a patient is being scrutinized and monitored like never before. In response, hospitals, health insurance, and the health supply chain are making data-driven decisions to become more strategic in their care — increasing cost-efficiency while improving outcomes.

Tricentis Data Integrity provides a powerful way to eliminate issues in the data that are critical to your operations.

SAP S/4HANA Central Finance

If you use SAP Central Finance as a bridge to S/4HANA, the majority of data actually resides beyond the boundaries of HANA. This means that your data testing strategy must cover data inside and outside of SAP HANA.  

Tricentis provides the know-how and technology proven to help SAP customers navigate this complexity. Our platform is uniquely prepared to simplify all the various reconciliations and validations required to ensure a smooth migration and safeguard data integrity across SAP updates.

Extensive technology support

Supported Databases

Oracle, DB2, MS SQL, Teradata, Hadoop, SAS, SAP (ECC, BW, and HANA), Snowflake, Postgres, Azure, Google, AWS, Mongo, Orient, Couchbase, NEO4j….including OLAP & OLTP Databases

Test Examples

Straight data move

Data transformations

Report validation

File Support

Fixed & Comma Separated



Sample Comparison Operations

File to File

File to DB

DB to File

DB to DB

WebHDFS to DB/File

DB/File to WebHDFS

More Support

Any CI/CD tool


Reporting Vendors, e.g. Cognos, Tableau, Qlik, SAP BusinessObjects


Message Queues