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Tricentis Tosca

Simplified test reporting for Tosca

Tosca Dashboards is an enhanced web-based reporting solution that helps teams get rapid, actionable insights into their testing progress so that they can release with more confidence.

Easy to use, easy to share

Tosca Dashboards modern web interface lets teams easily view and share reports with key business stakeholders via link or email. Removing the need to build, code, or heavily customize reports, QA and business teams receive instant feedback on quality issues before they get deployed to production.

Share progress

With progress reporting, you can share weekly, monthly, or annual reports of execution results, trends, and test case progress, enabling teams better insights and more transparency.

Instant monitoring

Easily monitor daily test execution runs to capture failed test cases and investigate why they failed.With execution lists already linked from Tosca, teams can quickly take remedial action and make adjustments during development sprints.


Release with more

Simplified reporting enables teams to take action quickly and release with more confidence.

Get more

Tosca Dashboards is easy to use and easy to share. Various teams can stay up-to-date on testing progress.

Speed up

Reports take zero time to build, giving your QA and business teams rapid feedback on quality issues.




Quickly share dashboards and charts per URL and email with testing and business teams.


Modern user interface

Easy-to-use UI includes rich, pre-built reporting dashboards.



Filter based on time frame and selected folders to quickly find information on execution results including passed or failed test cases.


Folder navigation

Navigate and select single or multiple folders or entries to share with teams. The folder structure mirrors the folder hierarchy in Tosca.


Presentation mode

Switch to presenter mode and zoom into charts and figures during sprint reviews and retrospectives.



Switch to presenter mode and zoom into charts and figures during sprint reviews and retrospectives.

Explore Tosca Dashboards

Tosca Dashboards is available as a separate download and compatible with Tosca version 15.2 and above.
Check out our product manual on how to get started.