Tosca – Model-Based Test Automation

Build codeless, resilient automated tests

Model-based test automation is a codeless approach that literally anyone can learn and use. It enables high reusability, resilience, and scalability of test assets across your entire digital landscape — driving 90%+ automation rates and saving you invaluable time and effort.

Don’t let legacy testing tools slow you down

Traditional testing tools are scripted, require technical resources to build and maintain, and are brittle. All this contributes to low automation rates (<20%), which keeps software testing a bottleneck.

4X faster than coding

Instead of coding a test automation framework, you rapidly scan the application’s UI or APIs to create a business-readable automation model. Business users and manual testers become productive in no time – allowing them to create faster feedback loops, and deliver faster time to value.

Maximize reuse
Dynamic object identification
Reusable libraries and test step blocks
Easy verification and validation
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