Tricentis Tosca Solutions for Siebel

Tosca & Siebel

Tricentis Tosca Solutions for Siebel

Oracle is one of the largest enterprise software applications on the market and will be switching from their classic enter­prise class CRM, Siebel User Interface, to their new web client version, Siebel Open UI. Siebel Open UI will be a great addition to the trusted Siebel platform and will include some improve­ments such as: extended device support, improved accessi­bility and lowered costs of ownership.

Tricentis Tosca is currently the only testing tool on the market that will enable you to do Siebel testing with both classic Siebel and Siebel Open UI installations. During the migration process from classic Siebel to Siebel Open UI Tosca can dramatically reduce the amount of effort while optimizing the business risk coverage.=


End-to-End Testing

Tricentis Tosca is the only testing tool to be able to automate across both classic Siebel and Siebel Open UI installations. These tests can be combined with other technologies to ensure smooth end-to-end testing.

Migration Support from Classic to Siebel Open UI

Tricentis Tosca is providing full support during the migration process from Classic Siebel to the new web client version, Siebel Open UI. During this time, Tricentis Tosca will help you test the best test cases that help to optimize your business risk coverage.

Support for Business Controls

Modern WEB-technologies create controls that are far from the standard HTML recommendations. Siebel Open UI has also implemented its own interface, making it challenging for most enterprises to test their business processes thoroughly. Tricentis Tosca easily recognizes controls and translates them into understandable components for non-technical users.

Tricentis Tosca offers logical business control support for:

  • SiebMenu
  • SiebPageTabs
  • SiebTextComboBox
  • SiebToolBar
  • SiebTable
  • SiebDatePicker

How Tricentis Tosca Can Help You?

Use Tricentis Tosca to test earlier and often in order to help you not only streamline your enterprise, but also cope with the frequent enterprise software upgrades that may hinder daily business processes.

Implement agile methodology throughout your product cycle by:

  • Optimizing your Risk Coverage
  • Managing your Test Data
  • Automating using Model-based Testing