Tricentis Tosca – Test Data Management

Get reliable test data, when you need it

In order to rigorously test applications end-to-end, enterprises need high-quality, realistic, and representative test data — quickly, and in sufficient amounts. Tosca’s test data management approach drastically increases the speed of your automation by instantaneously provisioning on-demand test data that is 100% GDPR compliant.

Test data management for modern enterprise applications

Testers waste five to 15 hours per week finding and creating test data by hand. Even more alarming, more than half of teams who use production data for testing don’t apply any masking techniques — making companies vulnerable to breaching data privacy laws like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

In order to deliver faster, we need to test faster. Tosca’s TDM provides Agile teams with efficient ways to provision and manage test data on the fly.


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Shift left and speed up testing cycles

By accessing test data on demand, testers can save invaluable time and test much earlier in the development cycle.

Prevent false positives

32% of false positive are caused by missing, incomplete, incorrect and/or outdated test data. Tosca’s TDM solution alleviates this pain.

Compliant and safe data

Using production data for testing is no longer an option. Get simple ways to generate reliable, on-demand data with Tosca that is GDPR compliant.

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