AGL Energy

AGL Energy transforms SAP testing for Agile

Company overview

AGL is a leading provider of gas, electricity, and solar photovoltaic solutions to more than 3.6 million customer accounts across Australia. Recognizing that today’s customers expect faster and more personalized ways to interact with their utility providers, AGL invested $300 million in a Customer Experience Transformation (CXT) program. To support the program, AGL’s management launched an Idea to Production in 5 days initiative for AGL’s SAP delivery units. However, the teams responsible for these units quickly realized that achieving this goal would require them to accelerate their quarterly SAP IS-U and SAP CRM backend delivery cycles. One key hurdle to this acceleration was their lengthy regression test cycles. How could they move from idea to production in 5 days when their regression test cycle took more than a week?

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    Industry: Energy & Utilities, Oil & Gas
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    Organization size: 4,200 employees
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    Location: Australia
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Key business challenges

To achieve the accelerated delivery cycles required to meet business demands, AGL had to eliminate common enterprise challenges around their testing processes. These challenges included:

  • 50% of the software development lifecycle was spent on testing
  • Testing consumed 30% of the development and delivery teams’ budget
  • Regression test suite took more than one week to execute due to low automation rates
  • Manual test data generation and preparation caused hassles and release delays

The Tricentis solution: Continuous end-to-end testing

AGL realized that a modernization of their SAP testing processes was a key component to a successful launch of their CXT program. After an extensive evaluation of test automation solutions, AGL selected Tricentis Tosca to automate their end-to-end regression test suite, provide an innovative test data management strategy, and integrate into their existing SAP delivery toolsets.

By implementing the following capabilities of Tricentis Tosca, AGL can now complete the regression testing around their SAP initiatives—which previously took more than a week—in only a single day.

  • Tricentis SAP Accelerator
  • Model-based Test Automation
  • Tosca Test Case Design
  • Test Data Management
  • Synthetic Test Data Generation
  • Tosca Distributed Execution (DEX)