Tricentis Tosca

Test Management

Tricentis Tosca provides fast, centralized access to all the details and data you need to design, update, execute and analyze functional test cases.

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House Artifacts

House Tricentis Tosca test artifacts in a multi-project, multi-user repository, from requirements to results

Eliminate Redundancy

Redundancy-free by design: all unique pieces of information are saved in Tricentis Tosca and referenced whenever needed

Comprehensive Test Management

Tricentis Tosca offers organizations a single repository for all functional test artifacts, including requirements, user stories, test data, service virtualization assets and more.

Highly Scalable

Tricentis Tosca test management works in small-scale projects as well as large, multi-project and multi-user environments. Ensure transaction security with easy-to-use check-in/check-out mechanisms.

Redundancy Free

Tricentis provides centralized access to the data you need to design, update, execute and analyze functional tests. This increases productivity while reducing the risk of duplicated efforts.

Test Planning

Stay on track with real-time insight into testing requirements, activity and progress. Gain visibility into what testing activities are needed and when across the organization.

Integrated Test Results

Easily access artifacts and results across functional tests (cross-browser, mobile, API, SAP, Selenium, manual, exploratory and more) from the Tricentis Tosca interface. Easily share and track changes with version control support.

Defect and Requirements Synchronization

Automated synchronization enables instant updates and notifications across agile planning tools. Track real-time implementation progress, start testing user stories as soon as implementation is complete, and instantly notify developers when a defect is found.