Tricentis NeoLoad

Continuous performance testing

Your applications are all built differently, but they all need to perform. NeoLoad simplifies and scales performance testing for everything, from APIs and microservices, to end-to-end application testing through innovative protocol and browser-based capabilities.

Slow is the new downtime

The research is out. Slow performing applications are the number one reason for site and application abandonment. If a page doesn’t load within 4 seconds, you lose customers, employee participation, and brand value. Worse, traditional performance testing isn’t good at catching the culprits: performance bottlenecks.

The need for speed

Modern performance testing needs to cover everything from monolithic and packaged apps to microservice-based apps, APIs, and more. All at DevOps speed. To keep pace, the performance engineering skills historically present only within Centers of Excellence need to spread out across wider development and testing teams.

A performance engineering solution that spans monolith to microservice, manual to automated, and usability across a range of skill sets, is now critical.


Enterprise ready

  • Supports native testing of packaged applications, all protocols, virtualization, and web, mobile, microservices, and APIs
  • Integrates with the entire tech stack from legacy systems to the DevOps toolchain
  • Expand the pool of people who can contribute performance scenarios with RealBrowser technology

Cloud ready

  • Saas-based platform
  • Cloud-agnostic and integrated with all cloud development tools
  • Optimizes cloud infrastructure dynamically

DevOps ready

  • Automated approach within any CI/CD pipeline
  • GUI or <as:code> options support all skill sets
  • Fits into existing developer and QA approaches with a Python CLI and REST API
  • Build performance tests and capture results in minutes with RealBrowser
  • Capture, centralize and analyze JMeter and Gatling execution results in NeoLoad


Deliver performance at scale

Get the predictability, validation, and assurance that you’re used to, but at the speed and scale of today’s faster release cycles. NeoLoad simplifies both protocol and browser-based performance testing so that all teams across the SDLC can take a standard approach to keep pace with the volume, velocity, and variety.

Bridge the gap between experts and non-experts

Scale your testing approach across different teams. NeoLoad is natively architected to work equally well for everyone from centralized teams testing end-to-end applications to DevOps automating API tests.

Ensure consistent quality across all releases

Standardize on a single solution for different types of applications. Define goals, analyze results, and prevent performance problems for everything from monolithic enterprise applications to microservices-based architectures.

Empower distributed teams to test autonomously

Make performance testing a team sport. Easy to learn and easy to use — no specialized expertise required — NeoLoad enables non-experts to run performance tests automatically as part of their go/no-go decisions.

Get more strategic value from your experts

Automate the repetitive, manual chores that monopolize experts’ valuable time. NeoLoad eliminates laborious rework and “reinventing the wheel.” Experts can focus more on high-value analysis and performance engineering.

Boost every team's productivity in just weeks

Enterprise ready out of the box while easy to use, NeoLoad lets you transition to modern performance engineering at scale right away. Make everyone from CoEs to DevOps more productive within a matter of weeks.

Boost deep collaboration

From details to dashboards, NeoLoad promotes different teams of different skill sets to work more efficiently and effectively — from designing tests to implementing quality-control guardrails to analyzing root causes to trend reporting.


NeoLoad features highlights

Browser-based testing
DevOps automation for all
Performance test as code
Codeless test design
Automatic test updates
Dynamic infrastructure
Resource Reservation
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NeoLoad RealBrowser - Mixed testing

Version control

Use popular version control systems like GIT to kick off tests, and to manage and share test assets.

SAP testing

Reuse SAP functional test scripts as performance tests through integrations with Worksoft Certify and Tricentis Tosca.

Open API & SDK

Call the NeoLoad open APIs and connect to dev and business tools like Splunk, Tableau, Slack, and more, or use our SDK to build custom protocols, custom plugins, and custom actions.

Functional testing

Repurpose functional test scripts as performance tests with one click.

Continuous integration

Automated continuous performance testing within CI pipelines with our integration to on-premise or cloud CI tools.

Application performance monitoring

Integrate with popular APM solutions to monitor performance in production, such as New Relic, Datadog, Dynatrace, AppDynamics and Prometheus.

Opensource performance tools

Ingest JMeter and Gatling test results into NeoLoad to leverage more advanced analysis capabilities and centralize performance testing.

Supported Technologies

Ensure your apps perform wherever they run

With NeoLoad, you can test performance across modern and legacy technologies.

Case study

Dell chooses NeoLoad for SAP load testing

Learn more about how NeoLoad helps Dell streamline load testing for SAP, the “backbone” of their business.

Key outcomes:

  • 40% less time to design and create scripts
  • 30% maintenance time savings