Tricentis RPA

Model-Based Automation for RPA Democratization

Tricentis RPA enables anyone to automate any processes, simple or complex, running on any technology. Our best-in-class resiliency and simplicity is powered by the model-based automation engine that drives market-leading Tricentis Tosca.


No Coding—Built Specifically for Business Users

RPA is a strategic initiative driven by business stakeholders. That’s why model-based automation puts business users in the driver’s seat, letting you define tasks in standard business terms and execute them independently no coding or scripting needed. This ensures faster time to value than any other solutions in the market today.

Integration and Unattended Bots

Say goodbye to integration hassles. Without requiring IT assistance, you can automate a complex process that uses many different applications. The behind-the-scenes enabler is our adapters that integrate with 150+ systems and applications.

With this extensive technology support, you can rest assured that unattended bots can complete tasks without human intervention. Our unattended bots run continuously on physical and/or virtual machines—even 24/7—without errors or exceptions. Furthermore, they prevent human users from mistakenly interrupting transactions while they are running, making your RPA much more resilient.

Object-Driven Automation

Many RPA tools use screen scraping and UI automation. Their bots grow increasingly brittle because their ability to accurately process transactions depends on digital information being in a very specific location on the computer screen. As a result, these bots cannot adapt to the frequent UI changes that are common in modern business applications.

Tricentis bots identify information using objects—a unique identifier that comes with a set of attributes—rather than screen positions. Since they can find the target information no matter where it is physically located, they are much more resilient. They can also interact with application programming interfaces (APIs) that are becoming the mainstream in today’s applications.

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