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Test Automation for ServiceNow

ServiceNow testing without any limitations

The power of Tricentis through app-native testing for ServiceNow.

Deliver digital workflows faster with ServiceNow test automation

Allow your team to do their actual job to focus on business initiatives and innovation, and not spend cycles on testing. Let us focus on the ServiceNow test automation so you can benefit from seamless upgrades.

  • 40x faster testing
  • Value from day 1
  • DevOps ready
  • Built on ServiceNow

Drive business efficiencies

Speed up deployments and developer velocity with continuous automated testing to ensure applications and workflows are functioning as expected, and drive the manual resource costs down to zero.

You bring the ServiceNow workflows, we’ll generate the tests.

With ServiceNow’s extensive list of products and customizations, ensuring your Now Platform is defect-free can be easy. Equip your team with the right solution quickly and easily with ServiceNow automated tests.


See the benefits of accelerated test automation

Increase development frequency to deliver, test, and innovate faster.

Shorten release cycles

Repeatable, future-proof tests that save your team from manual testing.

Centralized system

Single-code repository and a centralized dashboard all in ServiceNow.

Extreme flexibility

Customization friendly to test every aspect of ServiceNow.

A solution for all

A common platform that can be used by everyone regardless of technical ability.


Packed with features for developers, process analysts, and business users

Centralized dashboard

Tricentis Test Automation for ServiceNow is a scoped application within your Now Platform. It’s an interface you’re already familiar with, equipped with a centralized dashboard to view test plans, suites, cases, results, and more. With full detailed reports with pass/fail, screenshots, and result files, easily find what you need, all in your ServiceNow environment.


Test on-demand

Get instant test results with Tricentis Test Automation for ServiceNow’s ability to test on demand. Use the developer’s console to playback tests in real time and locally on your desktop. This allows users to get faster results and reduces time spent on test writing. With an intuitive interface and easy-to-read pass and failures, this developer’s tool makes development for automated tests efficient.


Automatic test generation

Create hundreds of test cases in seconds. The Case Creator intuitively generates test cases based off your ServiceNow configuration changes. It expedites your ability to write unit and workflow tests by generating cases for business rules, UI policies, UI actions, tables, and more. Case Creator can generate test cases for net new functionality, and be used to maintain existing test cases when there are changes to the configuration


Point-and-click recording

Use the point-and-click Recorder to generate test cases from user actions. Once you’re done, easily merge your test case right into your ServiceNow instance. With specialized logic, it will only capture what’s necessary. It’s also Service Portal compatible! Looking for simple documentation? Use the Recorder to translate your test steps into lay terms. 


Screenshots and video capture

Easily identify where your test has failed with a variety of result files. Tricentis Test Automation for ServiceNow includes a log, screenshot, and video capture with every execution. Line errors are clearly defined for easy debugging. If you prefer a visual, view the video recording of the execution to watch the behavior of the test execution.

Use cases

Reduce your ServiceNow testing efforts with test automation

Create repeatable tests for your next upgrade

Repeatable, future-proof tests that save your team from testing.

Enable all team members

User-friendly features for all skill levels whether you’re a process owner, business analyst, developer, or tester.

Test customizations and configurations

Service Portal and Catalog testing can be particularly difficult to test due to its ability to be highly configurable and have large volumes of records.

Here’s how we’re different

Test easier, faster, and smarter

Tricentis greatly expands depth of test coverage.

  • More powerful than just templates; generates tests instantly, directly from ServiceNow configuration changes
  • Not tied to a browser, with flexibility to execute tests outside of ServiceNow environment
  • Highly performant, execute test plans in minutes as opposed to hours or days
Man testing an application

App-native solution to extensively test the Now Platform

Provides details (test log, results, screenshot, and videos) of how the test was executed for easier debugging for failures and full audit trail

  • Improve the developer workflow with a testing process that makes sense and is integrated with Agile methods
  • Features to support unit, application, and workflow testing from beginning to end
  • Proven testing methodology to ensure a quality process
Testing application

A Fortune 500 company

“Our HR portal is very customized and other tools weren’t compatible. Once we built out all the tests with Tricentis Test Automation for ServiceNow, the automation only took 81 minutes as opposed to our manual efforts! It saved us time, resourcing, and money. For us, it’s a long-term play of building tests as we build out new stories and Tricentis Test Automation for ServiceNow will be part of our development process.”

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Start automating ServiceNow testing now