ServiceNow testing without any

Introducing the latest addition to Tricentis, with the ability
to test the ServiceNow platform faster and easier.

Reduce your testing efforts with test automation

With ServiceNow’s extensive list of products and customizations, ensuring your Now Platform is defect-free can be easy. Equip your team with the right solution quickly and easily with ServiceNow automated tests.


Accelerate servicenow deployments

Tricentis Test Automation for ServiceNow promotes a team dynamic with cross-collaboration between non-technical and technical users. This provides the ability for all users to participate in test automation for faster testing and quality deployments.


customization friendly

Regardless of how many custom applications or workflows you’ve created on ServiceNow, be confident that there aren’t any barriers to testing customizations with the ability to create your own custom functions to integrate with our API.


Track changes directly to the source

Define the relationship between the test case and the source of record. Linking the record to the test case will trigger an alert to the user when changes have been made to review.


DevOps compatible

Tricentis Test Automation for ServiceNow easily integrate with CI/CD pipelines for continuous testing with webhooks and unattended test execution, so you can continue to test and innovate rapidly.​

See the benefits of accelerated test automation

A Fortune 50 company was able to automate 162 tests and expedited their manual testing efforts exponentially.

A solution packed with features that benefits all team members

Centralized dashboard

Tricentis Test Automation for ServiceNow is a scoped application within your Now Platform. It’s an interface you’re already familiar with, equipped with a centralized dashboard to view test plans, suites, cases, results, and more. With full detailed reports with pass/fail, screenshots, and result files, easily find what you need all in your ServiceNow environment.


Test on-demand

Get instant test results with Tricentis Test Automation for ServiceNow’s ability to test on-demand. Use the developer’s console to playback tests in real-time and locally on your desktop. This allows users get faster results and reduces time spent on test writing. With an intuitive interface and easy to read pass and failures, this developer’s tool makes development for automated tests efficient.


Easy test generation

Test creation is easy with Test Designer, a feature that allows you to generate a test plan based on your preference. Take things a step further when you activate Case Creator to generate test cases based on your ServiceNow configuration. This provides a solid foundation to begin automating tests and speeds up the development.


Point-and-click recording

Use the point-and-click Recorder to generate test cases from user actions. Once you’re done, easily merge your test case right into your ServiceNow instance. With specialized logic, it’ll only capture what’s necessary. It’s also Service Portal compatible! Looking for simple documentation? Use the Recorder to translate your test steps into lay terms. 


Screenshots and video capture

Easily identify where your test has failed with a variety of result files. Tricentis Test Automation for ServiceNow includes a log, screenshot, and video capture with every execution. Line errors are clearly defined for easy debugging. If you prefer a visual, view the video recording of the execution to watch the behavior of the test execution.


You bring the ServiceNow workflows, we’ll bring the automation

Reduce your ServiceNow testing efforts and allow your team to get back to the work that really matters.


Shorten release cycles

Repeatable, future-proof tests that save your team from manual testing


Centralized system

Single code repository and a centralized dashboard all in ServiceNow


Extreme flexibility

Customization friendly to test every aspect of ServiceNow


A solution for all

A common platform that can be used by everyone regardless of technical ability

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