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Test Automation for ServiceNow

The most complete testing coverage of the ServiceNow platform

Tricentis supports every phase of the testing lifecycle. Explore how to apply ServiceNow test automation.

Accelerate ServiceNow deployments

ServiceNow library with 700+ commands

We have the user in mind. Tricentis currently has over 450 ServiceNow commands that cover Form, List, Field, Navigation, Service Catalog, Service Portal. and more are added when new ServiceNow features are developed. With advanced tools like IntelliSense and a large reference of examples, users can create scripts faster and easier.


Tricentis’ APIs are created in lay terms so it’s easy to understand and write. With business level commands, there’s no translation or further explanation required.

Custom commands

You can add to the testing framework by creating your own custom functions. Tricentis’ extreme flexibility allows you to extend the core solution to test your ServiceNow customizations. This makes writing reusable code easier within the application.

Future-proof tests

Tricentis makes it easy for you to test any version of ServiceNow. When you’re upgrading to the next release or patch, Tricentis test scripts will continue to run. Whether you’re in Quebec, Rome, or beyond, simply define the version in the test plan before execution.

ServiceNow Deployments screenshot

Centralized system native to ServiceNow

Single-code repository

They are organized all in one central repository and conveniently aligned by individual groups. The single-code repository provides a clear view of your team’s work and eliminates the use of spreadsheets and manual tracking. Gain the ability to tie failures to user stories, code snippets, dependencies, business units, and individual users.

Centralized dashboard

With Tricentis’s centralized dashboard, easily check the status of your test executions. The easy-to-read interface allows visibility to see the total run time, results by week, what’s recently completed, what’s scheduled, and more. Track your progress all in one place.

Test Case Sources

Easily track the changes made to your cases with Test Case Sources. Automate the maintenance process to flag if configurations have been made or changed and if tests require updates.

Requirements traceability

Stay compliant with Tricentis’ requirement traceability. This provides a historical snapshot of test executions complete with screenshots and documented test results.

Automated reports & documentation

The results are easily accessible within ServiceNow. Effortlessly populate documentation with Generate Docs.

ServiceNow test plans screenshot

A common platform for all

Point and Click Recording (Tricentis Recorder)

Tricentis Recorder allows users of all skill levels to contribute to test writing. The intelligent point and click recording generates test cases as you move through the test steps. Not only does it generate the test script, but it also records the test steps in plain English that can be turned into documentation. Ideal for use by business users.

Case Creator

Create hundreds of test cases in seconds. The Case Creator intuitively generates test cases based off your ServiceNow configuration changes. It expedites your ability to write unit and workflow tests by generating cases for business rules, UI policies, UI actions, tables, and more. Case Creator can generate test cases for net new functionality, and be used to maintain existing test cases when there are changes to the configuration.

JavaScript based

Tricentis is based on JavaScript so current ServiceNow developers and administrators won’t require additional training to start test writing. Allow your team to use what they already know to continue on the path of automation.

Extensible Platform

Tricentis’s Extensible Platform means that there is no limitation to just Tricentis API commands. As an example, the system can access Selenium commands, and others, as well as expand to add new types of commands. The extensible platform allows you to send emails, load certificates, or run desktop applications. Customers can additionally extend the framework to add additional commands.

ServiceNow test recorder screenshot

Scales with your test maturity

DevOps lifecycle integration

Tricentis can plug into the DevOps lifecycle. With this methodology, various tools that you use in DevOps can be hooked together to create a quicker roadmap for the development process and continuous testing. Our seamless integration with ServiceNow DevOps, Jira, Jenkins, and more will accelerate your ServiceNow testing and deployments.

Flexible integration options

Tricentis’ flexible integration options allows the system to conform or customize to your process. This can be in the form of Triggers (input, the way you choose to start a test) or Notifiers (output, the way the results are reported back). Tricentis can integrate with systems within ServiceNow (like ServiceNow SAFe) and beyond the ServiceNow platform.

Automate executions

Customize when the tests should run and eliminate the manual clicking of the execution. Triggers allow users to modify when tests should be running. Whether you want the test to run daily, weekly, or when a story moves to testing, set a schedule and Tricentis will execute as instructed. There’s no need to be in the browser for the tests to run.

Automate notifications

Configure Tricentis to report the test results to your preference. Notifiers allow Tricentis to handle test run results by creating records and notification or by forwarding the information to another system. Users can create notifications to handle the results of the test that can be sent by email, Slack, or any other REST or SOAP integration. Additionally, test results can be exported to J-Unit and exported to other testing solutions.

ServiceNow integration screenshot

Start app-native ServiceNow automated testing