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Tricentis for ServiceNow

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Test Automation for ServiceNow pricing

Starts at $1,200

per user, per year, billed annually

With ServiceNow testing, enterprise organizations can:

Accelerate ServiceNow deployments 

Speed up testing by automating frequently recurring tests to ensure applications and workflows are working as expected. Enable DevOps style continuous testing and automated deployments to keep up with changes as they occur.

Enable all team members 

User-friendly features for all skill levels whether you’re a process owner, business analyst, developer, or tester. Take advantage of all the features that enable users to test smarter at a higher code coverage, with confidence, and in a way that best suits each role.

Be easily customized

Regardless of how many custom applications or workflows you’ve created on ServiceNow, be confident that there aren’t any barriers to testing customizations with the ability to create your own custom functions to integrate with our API. 

Be DevOps ready

Full coverage from beginning to end with automated testing and deployment. Tricentis supports Agile methodologies with tightly coupled integrations to Jira, ServiceNow DevOps, ServiceNow SAFe, and more.

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