Test Automation for ServiceNow – Use cases

Create a real ServiceNow automated testing experience

Invest in quality to create a repeatable testing process that increases speed of delivery.

Enable all team members

No-code, low-code, and pro-code functionality enables users to test smarter. You can attain a higher-level code coverage, with confidence, and in away that best suits each user. User-friendly features for all skill levels whether you’re a process owner, business analyst, developer, or tester.

Test customizations and configurations

Service Portal and Catalog testing can be particularly difficult to test due to its ability to be highly configurable and have large volumes of records. Auto create test cases with ease and test with confidence as Tricentis offers abilities to test the most complex applications and workflows.

Work towards test maturity

Get value from day 1 to achieve continuous testing automation. Full coverage from beginning to end with automated testing and deployment. Tricentis supports Agile methodologies with tightly coupled integrations to Jira, ServiceNow DevOps, and ServiceNow SAFe.

Reduce defects in code

Risk reduction: identify defects before production. Embed automated testing as part of your development process and as a requirement to close update sets so you never ship broken code.