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Driving efficiency with DevOps agility: Avoiding the speed traps on the road to innovation

As organizations increasingly adopt DevOps, testing has become more automated, is occurring earlier in the development cycle, and is now performed by more teams than ever before. As their DevOps practices mature, enterprises now consider quality a shared responsibility across many teams. 

However, this leads to different teams using different tools for their particular needs — most organizations using a combination of 10+ test automation tools, not to mention the countless other development and delivery tools — often cobbling together a best-in-breed approach. This can have negative side effects: siloed knowledge and expertise, misaligned test management, testing bottlenecks, lack of end-to-end traceability, and ineffective reporting for impact analysis. 

Read this white paper to discover best practices (with real-world customer examples) on how centralized test management for decentralized teams can overcome four common challenges today’s enterprises face as they look to scale their DevOps testing

  • Making automated testing part of a larger, strategic test plan 
  • Scaling test automation across an organization 
  • Building test automation for fast and efficient feedback loops in DevOps pipelines 
  • Measuring, tracking, and improving your test automation 

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