Robotic Process Automation


Resilient RPA with Tricentis Model-based Automation 

Brittle automation—the same core problem that has doomed so many software test automation initiatives—has already emerged as the #1 enemy to RPA success and ROI. As publications such as The Wall Street Journal and Forbes have been reporting, the problem with RPA is that bots break..a lot. RPA users are realizing what testers learned years ago: if your automation can’t adapt to day-to-day changes, then maintaining the automation is going to rapidly eat into your ROI.

Watch this webinar to learn why brittle bots are such a challenge — and how Tricentis RPA’s proven model-based automation ensures sustainable, scalable RPA.


Wayne Ariola, General Manager RPA, Tricentis
Gijs Jekel, RPA Solution Architect, Tricentis

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