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Tricentis LiveCompare: Change intelligence for SAP

Tricentis LiveCompare provides fast, change intelligence for any update to your SAP systems. It works across the entire SAP ecosystem, including ECC, CRM, BW, Fiori, and, of course, S/4HANA. When paired with Tricentis Tosca, LiveCompare reduces testing time by 85%, accelerates releases by 40%, and increases quality by 75%.

  • Use LiveCompare to analyze the impact of changes. From audits to SAP upgrades, identify how code, config, data, security settings, and more are affected by changes.
  • Automatically compare multiple SAP systems to ensure they are aligned when making changes. Tackle the challenges of dual maintenance and transport overrides.
  • Test less without compromising system quality. Use LiveCompare to identify exactly what to test and why. Integrate with Tricentis Tosca for resilient test automation or your own solution.

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