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Tricentis and SAP are working together to bring faster, safer, lower cost testing to SAP customers around the world. Our strategic partnership is characterized by unprecedented cooperation, tangible customer value, and continuous innovation. With solutions for every industry, we help customers at every step of their SAP journey, from ECC to SAP S/4HANA and beyond.

Ready to get started? You can purchase Tricentis solutions from Tricentis, SAP, or one of our many worldwide partners.

How to buy Tricentis solutions directly from Tricentis

The world’s #1 continuous testing platform for SAP is available directly from Tricentis. When you buy directly from Tricentis, you have the opportunity to purchase the entire Tricentis continuous testing platform, including:

You also get access to our world-class Customer Experience team, which is dedicated to accelerating and scaling your success with Tricentis at every step of your journey.

How to buy Tricentis solutions from SAP

If you prefer, you can purchase Tricentis solutions directly from SAP. Tricentis products available as SAP solution extensions are listed below, along with their SAP branding.

Tricentis Product Name

SAP Solution Extension Name

Tricentis LiveCompare

SAP Change Impact Analysis by Tricentis

Tricentis Tosca

SAP Enterprise Continuous Testing by Tricentis

Tricentis Flood

SAP Load Testing by Tricentis


Are there differences between the solutions sold by Tricentis and the solution extensions sold by SAP?

There are no functional differences between solutions sold by Tricentis (LiveCompare, Tosca, and Flood) and their equivalent solution extensions sold by SAP. Product versions available from SAP pass an additional certification process from SAP.

Some parts of the Tricentis platform are not available as SAP solution extensions.
How can I get them?

We expect additional Tricentis products to become SAP solution extensions in the future. In the meantime, you can purchase Tricentis platform components such as Data Integrity and qTest directly from Tricentis. They will be compatible with the solution extensions you buy from SAP.

When will I be able to purchase Tricentis solutions from SAP?

Beginning September 2020. Check with your SAP representative for availability.

Can I use Tricentis testing solutions with SAP Solution Manager and/or SAP Cloud ALM?

Yes. Tricentis Tosca integrates with SAP Solution Manager 7.1 and 7.2 as well as SAP Cloud ALM. You can view more information about these integrations, including a demo, here.

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