End-to-end testing for enterprise business processes

Your business processes connect SAP to multiple custom and 3rd-party applications. End-to-end testing is required to ensure these business processes continue working after an SAP update. The challenges involved in executing end-to-end tests can slow down your release process and increase the risk of undetected defects disrupting your business. The Tricentis continuous testing platform solves end-to-end testing challenges. With Tricentis, you can accelerate releases and keep your business running as you go.

Wide technology support

Achieve end-to-end continuous testing

With support for over 160 enterprise applications and technologies, Tricentis powers complete end-to-end automated testing for your business processes.

Automated end-to-end testing loop

Detect SAP integration risks with Tricentis LiveCompare

Tricentis LiveCompare automatically analyzes your SAP systems, identifying integration points that use standard SAP interfacing techniques such as IDOC and BDC. LiveCompare’s AI-driven change impact analysis then alerts you whenever an SAP update puts those integrations at risk.


Balance risk

Align testing with business risk with Tricentis Tosca

Tricentis Tosca helps you keep critical business processes running by aligning testing with business priorities. Our risk-based test optimization makes testing more efficient by eliminating redundant tests and ensuring business-critical functions are always tested first.

Test data management

Business processes run on data, making test data a priority for business process testing. However, getting the right data to test an end-to-end business process is an ongoing problem for testers, who can wait weeks for test data to be created. Tricentis Tosca solves this problem with a Test Data Management solution that ensures the right test data is always available for automated testing.

Service virtualization

Testers often have difficulty accessing the systems required to conduct end-to-end tests, leading to delays. Service virtualization simulates the behavior of dependent systems that are difficult to access or configure so you can continuously test without having to wait for systems to become available.