Software Fail Watch: 5th Edition

The Software Fail Watch is an analysis of software bugs found in a year’s worth of English language news articles. The result is an extraordinary reminder of the role software plays in our daily lives, the necessity of software testing in every industry, and the far-reaching impacts of its failure.

The 5th Edition of the Software Fail Watch identified 606 recorded software fails, impacting half of the world’s population (3.7 billion people), $1.7 trillion in assets, and 314 companies. And this is just scratching the surface—there are far more software bugs in the world than we will likely ever know about.

Download the report for a detailed analysis of 2017 software fails, including:

  • The overall impact on businesses, users, time, and assets
  • How the number and type of software fails compare to previous years
  • Software fail trends within and across industries—finance, retail, consumer tech, services (e.g., internet, telecom), public services, healthcare, transportation, and entertainment
  • The biggest stories, hacks, and glitches that made headlines or slipped under the radar

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software fail losses 5th edition