Real-time risk-based reporting is critical for keeping your testing on track and understanding whether your release candidate’s risk level is acceptable for release. Tricentis provides a number of ways to gain insight into both your test suite effectiveness and your application’s quality. Additionally, we provide easy ways to generate and customize the specific documentation you need for Agile ceremonies, regulatory compliance audits, and other reporting needs.

Risk-Based Dashboards

The Tosca Analytics dashboards provide instant, real-time insight into your complete test portfolio—or any parts you want to focus on. Using just a few core KPIs and interactive graphical charts, you can get a thorough overview of both the power of your test suite and the risk coverage that it achieved. This is essential when making go/no-go decisions.

Multiple dashboards provide diverse views into your data. Sunburst charts visualize your risk exposure, giving you a quick overview of your risk using test results (passed/failed/not executed/not covered). For example, if a test for a critical requirement fails, this will create a larger red block than if a test for a less important requirement fails.

You can also review sunbursts from the perspective of requirements or specific test execution results. You can further dissect your results by analyzing them from different views (e.g. team view, product view).   Additionally, you can review your pass/fail status trends over time, monitor what percentage of your requirements are correlated to automated tests, and identify where additional tests are needed to increase test suite effectiveness.

Risk-Weighted Requirement Reporting

Using the risk-weighted requirements defined in Tricentis Tosca, you can instantly see the coverage achieved for each requirement, as well as what percentage of your business risk coverage comes from tests that passed or failed. You can import risk weighting from third-party tools, or specify weights directly in Tricentis Tosca’s requirements interface. You can also assign risk weights to individual test cases. This way, the failure of a highly-weighted test case will have more of an impact on risk coverage results than failure of a less critical test case.

Integration into ALM Tools’ Reporting Capabilities

Tricentis Tosca can also connect to the industry’s most popular ALM tools. If you use another tool for reporting, you can easily configure that tool to include your Tricentis test results and correlate them with results from all your other testing tools and approaches.

Customizable Reports

Using predefined templates, standard reports can be generated for everything from requirements to test cases, test data, and test results. For your customized reporting needs, there is an integrated, intuitive report designer to create reports with the exact content and “look and feel” your team needs.