Test Management

Today, test-related assets and results are typically distributed across a diverse collection of tools and systems. Tricentis provides fast, centralized access to all the details and data you need to design, update, execute, and analyze your tests. This increases productivity while reducing the risk of duplicated efforts, overwritten work, and unnecessary delays.


Comprehensive Test-Management Execution-Suite Tosca Screenshot

Test Planning

Continuous Testing is a process that involves more than creating and executing tests. Tricentis Tosca’s test planning capability gives testers constant visibility into what testing activities are needed–directly in testers’ familiar work environment. Real-time insight into test activity progress make it easy to stay on track and optimize the limited time available to test in today’s compressed development processes.

Test Planning

Integrated Test Results

Artifacts and results from your complete test portfolio (cross-browser, mobile, API, SAP, Selenium, manual, exploratory…) are all centrally managed and easily accessible from the Tricentis Tosca interface. Requirements, user stories, test data, service virtualization assets, and other testing artifacts are also accessible directly from Tricentis Tosca. Version control support means that even large, distributed teams can easily share and track changes.

DevOps/ALM Integrations

Tricentis integrates with the ALM/DevOps tools of your choice, helping software testers easily collaborate with other team members. The result is real-time, bidirectional synchronization of critical artifacts like requirements/user stories, defects, and test results across your toolchain. We provide out-of-the box connectors for all industry-leading ALM/DevOps tools. Connect with your current tool set to start, then rest assured that you can later change vendors without losing your synchronization support.

Defect and Requirements Synchronization

Automated synchronization enables instant updates and notifications across your ecosystem. Imagine this: a user story is defined in an agile planning tool then automatically synchronized to Tricentis Tosca. The tester can then track real-time implementation progress from Tricentis Tosca and start testing the user story once implementation is complete. If a test failure is detected, a defect report can be created directly from Tricentis Tosca, then automatically broadcasted to the responsible developer. All the relevant technical information about the failure is automatically added to the defect report to help the developer analyze the problem. As soon as the developer resolves the issue, its status is set to “done,” and the tester knows that the bug fix is ready for validation.

Or, assume a team uses a tool such as Jira or Rally for planning tests and tracking results. Any tests defined in that tool are automatically synchronized to Tricentis Tosca, where they can be automated and executed. After execution completes, the results are synchronized back to the planning tool.

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