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Tricentis for government

Today’s government agencies are undergoing digital transformation to boost speed and innovation while increasing efficiency. They are moving applications to the cloud, adopting more agile methods of software development, and embracing continuous delivery for both modern front-end interfaces and back-end enterprise applications. This makes testing more critical—and more challenging—than ever.

Enter Tricentis.

We offer a new and fundamentally different way for government agencies to tackle software testing, dramatically accelerating DevSecOps, digital transformation, and cloud migration. Our approach is totally automated, fully codeless, and intelligently driven by AI. It addresses both agile development and complex enterprise apps, increasing software delivery speed, reducing costs, and improving quality. Now, testing takes just minutes or hours instead of days or weeks, while being far more cost-effective and highly accurate.

We’re #1. There’s a reason for that.

With over 1,400 customers around the world, Tricentis is the undisputed leader in enterprise test automation. We’re the only vendor in the category to achieve leader status in all the top analyst reports, including Gartner (5 years in a row), Forrester, and IDC.

Automate end-to-end testing across legacy and modern applications

Test automation is typically limited and expensive due to the specialized resources required. The Capgemini World Quality report 2020-2021 found that only 15% of testing is automated (and that primarily involves unit testing) and QA activities are consuming 22% of the average IT budget. There is a significant potential for efficiency gains here.

Tricentis simplifies end-to-end test automation. By tapping our native support for more than 160 applications and technologies—from on-prem to the cloud, across mainframes, custom apps, packaged apps (SAP, Salesforce, ServiceNow), APIs, and microservices—an agency can achieve resilient, end-to-end test automation across any architecture or application stack. Tricentis can even test extremely new/old/specialized technologies as well as remote applications (Citrix, VMWare, etc.) accessed in secure and regulated environments. A single end-to-end test can cross any number of technologies to exercise and validate all aspects of a realistic business process.

Centralize test management

Governing access to vast amounts of test data and tracing changes to the micro level is what a full-blown test case manager does. Doing so as part of an Agile/DevOps environment with fast software integration, delivery, and deployment pipelines is an area in which Tricentis excels.

Tricentis helps government agencies comply with regulatory expectations and produce evidence of any single step in fast-moving environments that deliver small change batches within hybrid teams of developers, testers, and business stakeholders. Track, organize, and report against testing activities across the entire agency — no matter the testing strategy — so high-quality software can be delivered at speed and scale.

“All your other advances are diminished if you can’t deliver innovations in a speedy manner. This is where DevOps, Agile, and Continuous Testing come into play. Testing is often overlooked, but it can’t be ignored. Rapidly releasing an innovation that disrupts the core user experience can do more harm than good.”

Anil Cheriyan, U.S. Presidential Appointee in charge of Technology Transformation Services

Ensure data integrity across your complete data landscape

An agency’s core data is the product of continuous ingestions from disparate data sources, followed by countless integrations, transformations, and migrations. A slight discrepancy at any step typically remains unnoticed until it impacts the agency’s operations. At that point, it’s extremely difficult to diagnose and fix.

Tricentis’ end-to-end automation covers everything from the integrity of the data fed into your system, to the accuracy of integrations, transformations, and migrations, to the verification of report logic and presentation. Tricentis’ solution sits on top of any data landscape, covering structured, unstructured, and message data from any source or technology as well as reports in any analytics tool via UI, API, and PDF. Simple, scalable automation replaces spotty “state and compare” checking as well as complex, unscalable SQL scripting.

Tricentis solves the last holy grail of software engineering by identifying the risks that software will function as it was intended, in normal or high-volume situations. With Tricentis, you can reduce risk while decreasing time of delivery.

Terry Milholland, Former CIO & CTO – IRS, Visa, EDS, and Boeing

Realize enterprise performance testing at scale and speed

Government applications must meet a high bar for stability, accessibility, and reliability under routine circumstances. But public agencies also have to contend with massive traffic spikes and stress periods like no one else. They must always be prepared for more-than-peak volume in emergency situations at a moment’s notice. People have zero tolerance for slow or buggy performance — or worse, an application crashing just when people need it most. But how can you realize continuous performance testing in highly complex, heterogeneous environments?

Tricentis NeoLoad accelerates performance testing to keep pace with the volume, velocity, and variety of today’s software releases. Natively architected to meet the reality of today’s enterprise testing environment — a mix of performance experts and non-experts alike, both centralized and autonomous teams, packaged enterprise applications, and microservices — NeoLoad lets you scale performance testing across the entire organization with a single, standardized platform.

Micro Focus ALM/UFT migration

Digital transformation requires fast, flexible software delivery, but the legacy testing tools commonly used by government agencies lag behind modern delivery practices. Trying to fit a previous generation of technologies into modern Agile and DevOps toolchains delays quality feedback—increasing risk exposure while driving up testing costs.

Federal agencies are increasing testing speed and efficiency by modernizing their testing infrastructure with Tricentis. We enable unprecedented rates of test automation, plus seamless traceability via real-time integration into tools such as Atlassian Jira. Start by tackling your most pressing challenge (test management, end-to-end test automation…), then easily expand as expectations shift and new challenges emerge.

Leading testing for government agencies

For example, government agencies rely on Tricentis to:

Enable anyone to create and maintain test automation without programming or scripting

Achieve requirements traceability across automated and manual testing

Gain “single-pane-of-glass” visibility into testing across software and hardware

Increase productivity by identifying and sharing reusable test assets across teams

Complete massive SAP S/4HANA migration projects on-budget and on-deadline

Capture end-to-end scenarios across a new ERP system for test documentation + training

Transition the TCoE’s practice from 90% manual testing to end-to-end test automation

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