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The Continuous Testing Framework (CTF) is designed to describe the roles, processes, skills, and tools organizations will need to establish modern testing practices. Collaboration is a key component of a high-performing development organization. It enables organizations to ensure their teams are working together effectively as they scale up their testing.

Consider how this collaboration would take place at the Team, Program, and Enterprise levels of an organization.



Team level

A team is defined as a group of people responsible for delivering a product. This team can work autonomously, making its own decisions about tools and processes. However, this situation is very rare—it tends to occur only in small organizations. The typical organization has a much more complex, connected IT landscape.

In a modern, agile development organization, there is normally more than one team involved in developing and testing applications. Having multiple teams allows an organization to build more complex products to meet ever-changing customer needs. When multiple teams are involved, responsibilities overlap and dependencies form.

Business processes run across many different teams that must work together to deliver valuable features and working functionality. Dedicated roles at the Team level ensure that all your teams are speaking the same language and not working at cross-purposes.

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