Accelerate 2016 Games and Contests

Test hard, play hard. Here are the games and contests you can participate in during Accelerate 2016. Happy gaming!

Selfie Treasure Hunt: Time to put your best “selfie face” to use! Take a selfie during Accelerate with as many items from the list below as possible. To qualify, the picture must be posted to Twitter, with the hashtag #TriAccGames.

  1. Selfie with a Presenter
  2. Selfie with Sandeep Johri
  3. Selfie with your favorite piece of exhibition swag
  4. Selfie with someone from the United States
  5. Find and take a selfie with the word “DevOps”
  6. Selfie with a Tricentis Engineer
  7. Selfie wearing a costume piece at the photo booth
  8. Find and take a selfie with something “Agile”
  9. Selfie with a Vienna landmark
  10. Selfie with an Accelerate Sponsor
  11. Extra points if you find a Pokemon!

Lego Challenge: Channel your inner-kid and use Technic Legos to build a machine that meets the challenge requirements. Whomever can complete the challenge in the shortest amount of time will win.

Tweet and Win: Are you on Twitter? Tweet your thoughts about Accelerate using the hashtag #TriAcc. A winner will be chosen from the most active twitter users throughout the event.

Feedback Card Drawing: We want to hear your feedback! Don’t forget to fill out the feedback cards after every presentation for a chance to be one of three randomly drawn winners.

Automation Rally: Are you an automation wizard? Prove your skills at our Automation Rally. You will get points for each automation obstacle you solve, depending on the difficulty, solution time, and whether you used hints. Scores will be kept on a leader board, with prizes for the top three scores.