Service virtualization

Building Up Service Virtualization

Tricentis’ own Robert Wagner, product owner of Tosca Testsuite’s Orchestrated Service Virtualization, was recently featured in article on the growing demand for service virtualization in the testing market.  

Service virtualization has gotten the short shrift over the course of its lengthy history. Whether you chart its inception in 2002 with the release of Parasoft’s Stub Server, or in 2007 when CA took up the banner and market around the term, the entire concept has yet to even take on the status of buzzword.

That could be a good thing, however, as buzzwords can burn the ears of any manager distributing his or her budget for the year on new tooling for the team. Rather, service virtualization has remained a somewhat unknown but fairly reliable path toward saving developers time and money.

Theresa Lanowitz, founder of research firm Voke, said that service virtualization is proven to bring ROI to development managers. “We know the return on investment is tremendous. It really enhances that collaboration. Everything we’ve been hearing for the last 10 years is about collaboration between QA and development. Service virtualization takes those barriers down and lets the teams be completely aligned,” she said.

But what is service virtualization, exactly?

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