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Test data management

From TOR to TDM: Next Generation Test Data Management

For many years, our customers used TOR to register test objects and their states. One of the reasons for its success is the ease of use and the fact that its data can be shared over the network. However, this concept has limitations that aren’t too easy to overcome. TOR records have a static schema which allows you to store a name together with its value and a state. All the information have to be “squeezed” into one of those three attributes, which sometimes leads to excessive use of the state-string or the name, that then can tend to contain something similar to a secret language. Also the limited search capabilities, along with a lack of flexibility when wanting to use multiple data stores in one project, made the need for a new product obvious.

Together with our customers we developed the idea of an object storage layer which allows freely definable objects and their relations to persist together. It should cover all the functionality of TOR and should provide new functionality like:

  • A strong search mechanism
  • Multiple data channels in one project
  • Easy migration of TOR
  • Import/Export functionality
  • Powerful Data Editor and visualization
  • Seamless Integration into Tosca Test Case Design

Tosca Test Data Management was created as a replacement for TOR to support all of those needs and more. To help our customers with migrating their TOR repositories to TDM we held a webinar on the topic. Also check out our partner BizDataX whose test data solution integrates seamlessly with Tosca TDM.