How to jumpstart test automation success with Tricentis Tosca


Tricentis Staff

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Date: Apr. 29, 2021

By Jennifer Fletcher, Education Manager, Tricentis Academy Team

Successful test automation pays off greatly by enabling you to perform more testing, faster, and with increased precision. And the more you can automate the repetitive and tedious aspects of testing (what many refer to as “checking” rather than true testing), the more you can focus on the fun aspects of testing—the creative, analytical exploration testers thrive on.

Getting to that point does require an initial investment, though. Reaping the rewards of test automation requires familiarity with some core test automation principles, as well as a tool or framework that helps you put those principles into practice. But this doesn’t have to be a long, painful process. Many testers are pleasantly surprised by the ease of applying approaches like model-based test automation and AI-driven test automation with Tricentis Tosca.

To help you become a test automation pro, we’ve centralized the top resources that have enabled thousands of testers to get started with Tosca test automation, fast. This includes a certification program, video guides, and more!

Getting started with Tricentis Tosca: tutorials for admins

If you’re the Tricentis Tosca admin, this playlist of short how-to videos walks you step-by-step through the installation, configuration, license activation, and user workspace setup of your Tosca environment.

Getting started with Tricentis Tosca: tutorials for first-time users

If you’re new to Tosca, this series of short, instructional videos gives you an overview of the various sections of Tosca, demonstrates how to automate a basic web app test, and offers tips and best practices.

Tricentis Tosca certification

Once you’ve set up your Tosca environment and feel confident in the basics, dive into our Automation Specialist Certification program. These self-paced online-training courses provide a step-by-step guide through test automation with Tosca. AS1 training takes about 20-25 hours to complete and AS2 training takes 8-10 hours. After completing both courses, you will be able to create Templates, link them to multiple previously designed TestCases and execute the TestCases both in GUI and API environments. Three-day instructor-led classroom learning is also an option.

Introduction to Tricentis Tosca API Scan

API testing is becoming increasingly common, so you’ll want to master this “shift left” testing approach as well as UI test automation. Tricentis Tosca API Scan makes API testing simple, and this playlist can help you get started. Watch this playlist to learn about the different API test automation options available within Tosca.

Tricentis Tosca webinars and instructor-led training

For more hands-on support in your learning, attend our monthly webinars or sign up for some instructor-led training. Here’s what some customers have to say:

“It was a good, detailed session on each important aspect of UI test automation.” – Kumar Dinesh

“The webinars are always very comprehensive and show how things relate and link together.” – University of Maryland

Your success is our success

It might sound like a cliché, but we firmly believe that we cannot be successful if your team is not successful. That’s why we have an entire Customer Experience organization dedicated to ensuring, accelerating, and scaling your success. Visit our Customer Success area to learn about the various programs and tools available to advance your success—or just reach out to your Tricentis representative and we’ll set you up.


Tricentis Staff

Various contributors

Date: Apr. 29, 2021

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